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    1. CatFan105
      1. le Brownie
        le Brownie
        Oct 1, 2021
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    2. Phamtastic
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      Hey guys!

      It’s been a month since I resigned from the Mineplex staff team. I was planning to make a long document during my time when I stepped down from the staff team. After writing this before and after my resignation, it’s time for me to make a final closure on Mineplex. I’ll be going through a bunch of reasons why I resigned and left the community altogether.

      My document can be found here below -
      Phamtastic’s Resignation & Leaving
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      2. CatFan105
        Jul 16, 2021
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      3. NuclearLFA
        Jul 16, 2021
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        You are amazing Pham. I respect your decision!
      4. PenguinHi5
        Jul 21, 2021
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        I'm wishing you the best Pham. You were a great staff member and deserve nothing but the best. I relate to your document a lot and I'm always on discord if you ever wanted to catch up.
    3. Lupe The Wolf
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      Phamtastic nooo :(
    4. Loofii
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      I was so shocked to see you resigned. You're going to be missed so much on the staff team Pham </3
    5. mathuu
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      dino mentees forever <333333
    6. NuclearLFA
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      Good luck with everything man, it was great working with you. Thank you for everything, and I hope we stay in touch. Best of luck to your future endeavors!
    7. Danese
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      We're all going to really miss you <3
    8. 20LeeBrian1
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      Thank you so much for everything, Ryan!! I am going to miss you!!
    9. okNick
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      Thanks for everything, good luck with all future endeavors! <3
    10. RavenPaw9
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      Thank you so much for everything, Pham -- keep in touch!! So excited to see what you accomplish in the future :)
    11. WowCaleb
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      Thank you so much for everything Pham. You've been such a long-standing staff member and you never lost your good heart and kindness during all those years. It's sad to see you go but if you made the right decision for yourself then I'm happy too. You'll be missed by myself and so many others, take care and I look forward to still seeing you around hopefully <3
    12. 510bike
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      Thanks for everything Pham. You were a phenomenal staff member and you dedicated so much time to this community. Best of luck in the future!
    13. Skyy
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      Dang noooooooo Im gonna miss you so much. I am so proud of your dedication and the time you put into being a staff member. I am so glad we met <3
    14. Swanflight
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      omgggg im so sad to see you go! thank you for all the time and dedication you gave to Mineplex. wishing you the best and you know where to find us!! thanks for the memories
    15. Phamtastic
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      Resigned from the staff team

      After being on the team for 5 years, I resigned from the staff team.

      Unfortunately, I don’t have time to dedicate to my position as a Moderator. I am becoming busy with my life outside of this community. I don’t have as much time for Mineplex as I did before. My goals have always been the same, but I haven’t gotten to put both of these efforts in recently.

      Additionally, I disagree with the higher-ups (Owners & Leadership Team) on the direction that the server is going. I noticed that they haven't done much for the server and don't communicate with their community as often. The Owners and the Leadership Team haven’t taken accountability for the issues on Mineplex, which negatively affects my motivation on the staff team. They could’ve improved the server earlier, but it’s unfortunate that we’ve been seeing this much neglect for so long and it hasn’t gotten better.

      I hope I don’t sound toxic here. The Mineplex staff team changed my life for the better while I was on their team. I enjoyed talking to staff members and the admins. Even though I’ll stick with the community, I am not a staff member anymore. I want to thank everyone for making my time on the staff team one to remember. I’m going to miss you all <3

      I will still be on Discord if you want to reach out to me.​
      1. _Prof_
        Jun 18, 2021
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        If I'm being honest Mineplex is pretty much a lost cause at this point. Players are only here for the games and aren't really interested in the community. These kinda posts started arising even back in 2017 and the server really hasn't done much these past few years. Thanks for all you did for Mineplex!
      2. dzdx1998
        Jun 18, 2021
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        Going off of what Prof said, I feel like the neglect for the server is only getting worse. For me personally, I stopped playing their games because it doesn't feel as rewarding to play on a server where the owners haven't contributed much to their community, and for this long. Naturally, you would feel much happier to be a part of a community where the higher-ups are more interactive with their people, and it's unfortunate that we haven't seen much of that. This has been a trend for years, and because we still haven't seen much improvement, all I ask myself is where Mineplex will be another year from now if this continues.

        Again, I've already said enough, but thank you so much for everything you've done on Mineplex. You were extremely dedicated from start to finish, and I wish you the best of luck going forward <3
    16. BreezeBlockss
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      You truly will be missed as a staff member. You have stuck around for so long, achieving so much and remaining a kind and positive person who cares about the server and it’s community. The staff team will certainly be losing an amazing individual. I wish we started talking sooner, but I’m so glad we do now and hopefully that can continue.

      Thank you for all your work on the server and as a staff member. Moving on can be difficult, but a new journey also lies ahead. No matter what you do, you will get far. You are an extremely hardworking and amazing individual and you can do anything you put your mind to.
    17. Coyly.
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      Honestly one of the most nicest staff, thank you for all the work you've done and thank you for being my friend on the staff team. I hope the journey outside of mineplex treats you well, good luck, i'll miss you <3
    18. xUmbreon
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      Hands down one of the most dedicated staff members I’ve ever met - good luck with future endeavors <3
    19. dzdx1998
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      Thank you for everything you've done Ryan! You've been around for such a long time and have done so much over the years - it was a pleasure getting to work with you all those years. I've already said a lot before, but I wish you the best of luck with everything from here on out <3
    20. neotheater ◈
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      i've already said it but i am gonna say it again

      thank you for everything ryan, you're absolutely incredible and i hope that you enjoy whatever life throws at you next! <3 i'm gonna miss you so much!! we all are :(​
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