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    1. Pomygal2011
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      I really don’t know.
      1. IAmRuptureReliant
        Jul 22, 2020
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        To community members its basically writing low quality posts, and not reading certain stuff about a thread and jumping to making a post, sometimes it just involves +1ing and just saying somethings a good idea
    2. Pomygal2011
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      What is post boosting?
      1. Oscaros_
        Jul 21, 2020
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        Post boosting is where you post irrelevant/unneeded things on the forums that often clutter replies & give you free postcounts. While it isn't against the rules, it's not encouraged and it may turn into Spam, which is against our rules. Be sure to read the rest of the rules at mineplex.com/rules and let me know if you have any other questions :p
    3. Pyu_08
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      OMG Stop post boosting
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      2. Pyu_08
        Jul 18, 2020
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        lol, that's long time ago
      3. IAmRuptureReliant
        Jul 21, 2020
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        So you actually admitted to post boosting?
      4. Pyu_08
        Jul 21, 2020
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        (Only once)
    4. IAmRuptureReliant
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      Stop post boosting
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