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Angel of Mineplex
    1. Printiel
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      Being a moderator is fun c:
      1. CatFan105
        May 15, 2021 at 9:13 PM
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        I wouldn't know
    2. CloudyDay1234
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      Congrats once again batch buddy :D
    3. Printiel
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      I am. Struggling.

      I have no idea why, I just feel really uncomfortable today. It's odd
      1. TheArrow'sShadow
        Mar 27, 2021
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        You doing any better? I know this is like 10 days late but thought I'd ask. Feel free to reach out :)
    4. Printiel
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      Hey! Just out of curiosity, for everyone on my page who sees this: what's your favorite song?
      1. cove_
        Mar 8, 2021
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        My favorite song changes so much that I couldn't give a proper answer D:
      2. Jet Starglaze
        Jet Starglaze
        May 3, 2021
        Comment Options
        Heh this is late and mine changes but listen to press start by MDK and TheFatRats songs r amazing and the Seven Seas is pretty good too
      3. AfflictionMR
        May 18, 2021 at 5:06 AM
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        Currently: Times like these - The Eden Project
    5. cove_
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      Happy late birthday! :)
    6. yvuggu
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      level 44 when?
      1. Printiel
        Feb 26, 2021
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        Honestly I might go do that right now xD
      2. yvuggu
        Feb 26, 2021
        Comment Options
        make sure your exp saves though!
    7. Printiel
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      Thanks for all the birthday wishes, everyone :) In case you missed it, it was the 24th, and I'm 17 now!
      1. Skit
        Mar 1, 2021
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        Happy belated birthday and may Quagsire bless you with his immunity to electric-type moves
    8. yvuggu
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      Happy Birthday!
    9. CloudyDay1234
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      Happy birthday!!!
    10. Tilgorn ☕
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      Hey! Just wanted to say a huge congratulations (a bit late, I'll admit) on Trainee! I noticed on your description on the staff acceptance message that you're writing a book, so just thought I'd come in and say that I'm also writing a book and I actually plan on being an author as a career, so if you ever want to talk to someone about it I'd be more than glad to be that person. :)
    11. Printiel
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      Ugh. I didn't have power for two days this week (and no, I'm not from Texas; it's basically everywhere from Texas to New England.)

      That sucked. A lot.
      1. yvuggu
        Feb 20, 2021
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        that's huge
    12. Daemor
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      I am a bit late, but congratulations!
    13. Printiel
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      Yesterday, being my first real day on the job, I actually managed to get a few people reported. I'm really proud of myself :)
      1. Daemor
        Feb 8, 2021
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        Amazing! Keep up the good work!
    14. Krystal The Fox
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      Congrats on Trainee!
    15. Printiel
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      It feels good to be a Trainee :) It took like three weeks between my interview and actually getting accepted lol
    16. Skit
      Post Options
      Choo choo moment
    17. Mitsoko
      Post Options
      Congratulations!! I am super excited to work with you!! Welcome to the staff team! :) <3
    18. ShadowWolfZoe
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      Aye bedrock choo choo?
    19. Look_Dan
      Post Options
      Congratulations! I've seen you around before, nice that we'll get to work together and learn more about each other! Looking forward to it! :D
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    Hey! I'm Printiel/Paragon. I'm a Moderator here on Mineplex and I play on Bedrock. He/him pronouns, please :)

    Feel free to hit me up if you need anything, or if you wanna play something!
    Paragon of Life#7285
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