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Winnie The Pooh
    1. iPod5
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      i miss my trish stan :(
    2. TheArrowsShadow
      Post Options
      Happy birthday! Hope freedom is going well haha
    3. Lady_Alyss
      Post Options
      Happy Birthday, Prostone!!
      I hope you have the best birthday!
      And here is a Christopher Robin quote for you!
      "Always remember you are braver than you believe, smarter than you seem, and stronger than you think!
    4. BubbleBear1
      Post Options
      Happy Birthday, PROSTONE!!!!
    5. Cepheus
      Post Options
      glad I took this picture before my account got messed up.
      Its you and me! A screenie I took
    6. WowCaleb
      Post Options
      Ily :(
      1. PROSTONE
        Oct 6, 2021
        Comment Options
        miss you <3 :(
    7. mathuu
      Post Options
    8. Xukuwu
      Post Options
      i know we didnt talk much after trainee trial but its still melancholic losing you as a batchie :pensivesob:
    9. dcdb
      Post Options
      NOOO ZACH :(
    10. Mappable
      Post Options
      Thank you for everything prostone <33
    11. Vytas
      Post Options
      ty for everything!
    12. cernsie
      Post Options
      Thanks for all you did as a staff member!! I didn’t know you very well but it’s sad to see you go :(
      1. PROSTONE
        Oct 6, 2021
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    13. mathuu
      Post Options
      i miss u <3
    14. Polar8
      Post Options
      A pro stone
    15. BubbleBear1
      Post Options
      It was nice to see you today!
      i hope to see you again soon :D
    16. Danese
      Post Options
      A tad late but genuinely curious: do you have experience in HTML/CSS, or did you use an online generator or had a friend write it out for you in the below reply?
      (I had no idea implementing that idea was that straight forward lmfao)
      I added the code via Firefox's source code viewer, and it works perfectly. I actually genuinely like that concept tbh.
      I'm only asking because I'm looking for areas to learn more about coding, such as Java, HTML, and CSS. Did/do you learn from school or did/do you learn from online sources?
      It's only, like, one additional line to the source code, but I'm still curious lol <3
      1. PROSTONE
        Jul 3, 2021
        Comment Options
        Hiii! I started learning html & css a little bit ago using online resources like YouTube. Although it sounds a little basic, there are some really incredible channels out there that help you get down the basics. I did write that myself and just used the icon and link from different parts of the forums! Shoot me a DM if you'd like me to give some YT channel recommendations :)
    17. anna dot
      Post Options
      1. PROSTONE
        Jun 25, 2021
        Comment Options
        blame alex and toki
      2. anna dot
        anna dot
        Jun 26, 2021
        Comment Options
        sounds good to me
    18. siee
      Post Options
      fill in the blank; siee but an _____
      1. PROSTONE
        Jun 16, 2021
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    19. BubbleBear1
      Post Options
      it was nice to see you today!
      1. PROSTONE
        Jun 14, 2021
        Comment Options
        It's always a pleasure to see you online :)
      2. BubbleBear1
        Jun 15, 2021
        Comment Options
        TY I hope I can see you again :)
    20. Mappable
      Post Options
      Dog ears.
      1. PROSTONE
        Jun 3, 2021
        Comment Options
        Unfortunately, the post above has been flagged with false information. In the future, please try not to spread false information. It is in fact bunny ears. Thank you, have a good day :)
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    Reports Patrol

    GuitarHero_King (RP Mentor)
    FairestLordHarry (RP Lead)

    Content Creator Council
    GuitarHero_King (Council Manager)
    EmmaLie (Council Supervisor)

    Community Journey
    >> Joined Mineplex - June 2015
    >> Purchased Hero - Christmas 2015
    >> Purchased Legend - End of School Year 2016
    >> Inactivity Gap - 2017 to 2020
    >> Rejoined Mineplex - April 17, 2020
    >> Joined the forums - April 17, 2020
    >> Joined CMP - May 2, 2020
    >>Resigned from CMP - August 1, 2020

    Staff Journey
    >> Accepted as a Trainee - August 1, 2020

    >> Promoted to Moderator - October 3, 2020
    >> Joined Reports Patrol - December 10, 2020
    >> Joined Content Creator Council - April 25, 2021
    >> Resigned from all staff positions - October 1st, 2021

    Staff Statistics
    >> 82.2% on the MoT - September 2, 2020
    >> 81.7%on the EoT - October 3, 2020
    >> 81.7% on the MOD test - November 7th, 2020

    >> 2nd most amount of /reports - October 2020
    >> 3rd most amount of /reports - November 2020
    >> 3rd most amount of Forum Reports - December 2020
    >> 2nd most amount of /reports - December 2020
    >> 1st most amount of Forum Reports - January 2021
    >> 4th most amount of /reports - January 2021
    >> 5th most amount of Forum Reports - February 2021 (Tied)
    >> 5th most amount of /reports - February 2021
    >> 7th most amount of /reports - April 2021
    >> 1st most amount of Forum Reports - June 2021

    Staff Milestones
    >> Six Month Staff Anniversary - February 1, 2021
    >> Six Month Reports Patrol Anniversary - June 10, 2021
    >> One Year Staff Anniversary - August 1, 2021

    Resignation Stats:
    exactly 14 months on staff
    almost 1 year as mod (2 days off smh)
    almost 9 months on RP (9 days off :p)
    4+ months on CCC

    500+ forum reports handled
    3500+ /reports handled
    ↠ He/Him ↞
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