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    1. PurpleBlock
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      I think I won Karaoke. TBH Mineplex needs some more lively guys in the voicechats! It was quite awkward at times when nobody would speak. If I ever join staff ima make sure I am 100% myself and not just a role to fill. :D
    2. Talahai
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      Hey man! I realized you replied to my forum and you seem like a cool person :) Let's play sometime! Pm me if you ever need my discord and I'll be sure to play with you!- Talahai
    3. PurpleBlock
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      gotta make a new skin for the event and a new profile pic for my forum profile! Currently 7am and have NOT slept yet.
    4. PurpleBlock
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      I have decided I am going to win Karaoke. Manifesting at its finest.
    5. PurpleBlock
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      I just pulled another all nighter and drank the coffee I had in my fridge from yesterday morning. Sigh.
      1. Susie
        Aug 9, 2020
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        it do be like that
    6. PurpleBlock
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      Whats up everybody! If I responded to your forum, welcome and feel free to follow if you'd like. If you just saw me someone else's forum and clicked on my profile I <3 u.
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    :mineplex:Competitive Cake Wars Player :mineplex:

    Joined forums recently and am loving getting to interact with everyone!
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