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    1. Cardyceps
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      Hello, my name is Cardyceps and I am here to tell you some things about Mineplex forums! First thing you must do is to read the rules as it is very easy to earn warning points on Mineplex forums, if you will get 8 warning points, you will be banned. Another thing is to get a pfp(profile picture) and a wallpaper, I am not insisting on it, but it is a good way for people to remember you! Final thing that I wan to say is that I noticed that you have 0 followers so it means that I am the first person to follow you!
      1. SecondChildhood
        Feb 19, 2020
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        Yes thank you! I just got a forum account just a while ago. It's nice of your to be my first follower!
      2. Cardyceps
        Feb 19, 2020
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        I like helping people, especially the ones who have no friends or in-game resources, I used to give diamonds to Mineplexers on Mineplex Survival Mode
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