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    1. AtlantaTV
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      I'm a little late but I remember meeting you in a voice call in the Mineplex Discord and thinking INSTANTLY that'd you'd be a good fit for Trainee. A few weeks later, you had the tag and were well on your way to get mod. I know we don't talk much but congrats man!
    2. Bobtroopo
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      Congrats on becoming a mod Mr. Shipsa or should I say ShipShapeMC o_O
      (Yes you have been found)
    3. 20LeeBrian1
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      Congrats on mod!!
    4. Gh0styGhost
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      Nice job buddy. You've made it a long way. I remember how dedicated and passionate you were when you were applying. It's really been that long. Wow
    5. NuclearFury
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      Congratulations, my brother <3
    6. Rolki
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      grats on mod!
    7. Whisper The Wolf
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      Congrats on Mod!
    8. PieWithPi
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      Congrats on Mod!
    9. RainbowUnicornGM
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      Congrats on Mod! I knew you could do it!
    10. syrenical
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      Grats on Mod!
    11. WowCaleb
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      Yay Ship, congrats on Mod!! So proud <3
    12. Polar8
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      From an SSM sweat, teaching a bootcamp and also being an aspiring trainee since I met you. It's awesome to see MOD Shipsa in-game.

      You managed to be trainee while still being the SSM Golem. Who knows, SR.MOD Shipsa soon? Let's hope so. Keep having fun and we need to see the MA subteam soon.

      Time to be the top moderator, have fun! :)

      Congrats again.
    13. Locus
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      I know you'll achieve some great things.​
    14. Jxliee
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      Congrats Shipsa, I'm so proud of you. You deserve this so much after working so hard throughout your trial. Ily and we need to celebrate with some SSM!!!
    15. DCDB
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      Congrats!!!!! :D
    16. d9_
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      Congrats man!
    17. Viberent
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    18. ImFreee / ItsFree
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      Congrats SSM king :)
    19. Laylq
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      Congratz <3.
    20. Dezzy
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      Shipsa, the Epic Gaming SSM Warlord.

      Of course I have congratulated you before but, here is a longer version of it. The date April 17th, 2020 is the exact date we met. That's literally 3 1/2 months! Anyways, we met in the Mineplex Discord in the Enderman Lounge. It was me, you Perry and a few others. Then as time went on you wanted a new cape design so we had an hourly conversation and stuff about helping to create you the cape you enjoy. After that we kept having some magnificent moments such as, Us practicing Dragon Escape maps together. Having 1v1 fights in SSM and watching me getting absolutely destroyed. Then you helping me becoming better as a person. Of course I am still having some issues with my behavior but you've definitely helped me a lot on improving. That's not the only think you helped me in, you also helped me be a better SSM player. Now I start to win most of my games that's not on the leaderboard cause of you helping me become a better person in SSM and personality wise. But then, on the date May 23rd, 2020 you have officially been accepted as a Trainee. That was scary for me cause I legit thought you we're gonna be one of those people who ignore and push you out of their life once they get accepted. But you weren't like that. You of course made a ton of friends but you never forgot about the ones that we're there before you even pressed that submit button on that application page. Once you got accepted you've became better and more epic of a gamer than you've ever been ever. You've set high goals and are achieving them day by day. You're a really good representative of what it means to chase your goals. You've always been there for people when needed and I am absolutely thrilled that you're actually like that. Look at you now, you've now accomplished another goal... Which is passing the EOT to get Mod now.
      1. Dezzy
        Jul 25, 2020
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        I need to see that MA subteam so that if I reapply I can hope that you're at least my MA. Congratulations man, you worked extremely hard for it. Harder than most of the staff members I seen when they got Trainee and I am really proud of that and you man... Again congrats and I CANT wait to see what the future holds for this epic gamer right here <3
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