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    Haiiii. My name is Halee (if you didn't know). I am from Texas (aka the bipolar state). I love DOGS, they are just so cute, and cats SO CUTE. My cat is so cute but she hates me... My dog however loves me to death. She is very old but has a heart of a puppy. I love playing Minecraft or Roblox. I am a freshman in High School. I am kinda smart but not really. I do get bullied a lot by this one girl but I live with it. I have ADHD so it makes my friend making abilities way harder. But it doesn't stop me from being smart :). But I do have a lot of depression. Yes I do seem all happy go lucky, but never judge a book by its cover. I do kinda love my life so I will be okie dokie. I love doing technology. I am currently trying to get certified in Adobe Premiere Pro. I love going around and doing projects. Sadly due to the virus I can't do what I love until next year :(. In my free time, I love watching Tik Tok. I know too many Tik Tok dances but they are very addicting. My favorite band is Queen. I just really love their music. I am currently single but I have my doggo to give me plenty of kisses. My favorite color is purple. My favorite holiday is Halloween. My favorite show is called Psych. My favorite fast food place is either Sonic or Dairy queen. I love to watch youtube and play chess as well. I also love doing theatre, next year I am doing technical theatre because I'm really shy. I think that's all I know about myself. I love you guys :)))))
    You are loved <3
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