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    1. Gil-galad
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    2. Mr.Cardyceps
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      Lol! "RULES:
      there shouldn't be a rules page because everyone should know that we count 1 at a time, this is for you SmartGamer123"
      Smart: Gotta go fast!
      P.S. I'm not trying to bully Smart.
      P.S.№2 Those who will say that I'm representing staff in a bad way are WRONG. TT members aren't even considered staff members. In addition, I'm representing myself who basically decided to joke, but will later get a warning 'cause a random third party will snitch on me, this will all end with me getting demoted and getting 4-7 warning points 'cause my joke "sounds" offensive even though I don't have any intensions to offend anyone and I didn't make this joke to bully anyone.
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      2. SmartGamer123
        Feb 23, 2021
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        no that's true.
        i made a bot so I just copy paste the numbers into the box...
        Idk why.
        Ig to get to the next mark?
        one prob with that is that u can't paste more than 12 numbers.
        if u could I would have gotten to like 1,000 more.
      3. SmartGamer123
        Feb 23, 2021
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        P.S. I didn't think you were bullying me, and I put a link to a yt vid that showed what I was talking about, not realizing it was aginst the rules... sorry I wasn't trying to get more views...
      4. SmartGamer123
        Feb 23, 2021
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        P.S. I didn't think u were bulling me. :)
    3. moppy
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      welcome to the forums <3
      1. SmartGamer123
        Feb 21, 2021
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        Thank you
    Not following anybody.
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