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    1. KingCalvin1
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      :( missing you dude
    2. Marzie
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      look at my old fm mentor in all his glory
    3. Gia
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      No clue if you even remember who I am-
      Thank you for being a good friend wayyyy back during the days of prime and whatnot. Was cool to see you grow as a person while working here.
    4. Thenorn
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      Best forum ninja ever on Mineplex.
    5. Archonix
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      Thanks for spending the amount of time you did on here. You were one of the most responsive moderators on the forums. I know we don't really know each other but it's still sad to see a part of Mineplex and this community leave. Thanks again!
    6. Krystal The Fox
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      We will miss you man :(
    7. DivinePegasi
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      Hii Snev, I know you’re probably thinking “who’s this rando” but I heard you resigned and I just wanted to say that if it weren’t for joining your MCL team (Fallen) back in 2016 after randomly queueing with y’all in games, I wouldn’t have met some people like Ayyyylienslmao/RouletteLoser, phoenixs1234, and papabearicoo, who contributed to the factor that I now have YT rank. If none of this still rings a bell... we (people mentioned above) were the small group that constantly criticized and made fun of the MAC. Thanks for all you’ve done for Mineplex! You might not know it, but your small gesture of letting me on the team (even though I was a pretty bad player) is the reason I have YT rank today. I hope you reinstate one day :)
    8. Vocaloiid
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    9. TeaSpiller
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      Thanks for everything <3
    10. Gia
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      oi I remember you, add me on discord btw
    11. wanderer
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    Not following anybody.
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