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    1. Snvy
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      miss this so much ;-;
      but im *finally* pursuing my dream to become an astrophysicist, and even got accepted into a top national university!!!
      miss everyone here -- hope everyone is safe and happy :)
      1. cernsie
        Dec 9, 2021
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        miss you too agghhh i’m so happy for you and congrats that’s so exciting!! :-))
    2. cernsie
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      happy late bday ol bud
      1. Snvy
        Dec 7, 2021
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        thanks cernsie :)
    3. Lady_Alyss
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      Happy Birthday!
    4. TheDiamondKittyGaming
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      Guess you did something similar to what I did, as well the same with the checking back periodically
    5. Snvy
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      wonder when theyll accept lunar like badlion
    6. Snvy
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      quit. thanks for everything, everyone - it was one hell of a ride. deleted discord, so if you want to contact me dm me on here or reply to this post - ill check in periodically. stay safe everyone, and keep looking to the future :)
    7. Snvy
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      would it surprise anyone at this point if i said im quitting
    8. Snvy
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      just played this years halloween havoc - it is so much better than last years. the new content is much appreciated. only complaints are the lack of unique bosses, the timed parkour section and the lag on 1.16. honestly though, the timed parkour is an excellent challenge and who plays on 1.16 anyways. would like to see new bosses next year, however. so many good things this year. love the new map, edits to the classes, the heroic theme, and the improvements all around. great job this mineplex, especially compared to last year
    9. Acerna
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      Jokes on us I may win that snail race to the next level because holiday games are the best \o/
      1. Snvy
        Oct 20, 2020
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        ik i really need to play the holiday games but im pretty busy at the moment and i play league w the time i do have :c
    10. Snvy
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      ngl chess opening theory kinda interesting :eyes:
    11. Snvy
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      it do be spooky season
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Snvy
        Oct 10, 2020
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        @_Prof_ havent been on to try them out yet - hopefully theyve been updated since previous years...
      3. Acerna
        Oct 13, 2020
        Comment Options
        they've been updated and I wish the old festive games were in MPS :( theyre my fav
      4. Snvy
        Oct 15, 2020
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        glad they updated them after so many years. was frustrated and disappointed in previous years because of no updates. it would be cool to see the old games in mps, but that might force mineplex to update them which would be a drag
    12. Snvy
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      hey just saying a gold level and username would look pretty clean :eyes:
    13. Acerna
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      We’re both now on a race to beat eachother’s levels. The playing field is even. How? You’re good at the game, and I have a lot of time, but we both earn maybe 1xp per month. Do you accept this snail race?
      1. Snvy
        Aug 26, 2020
        Comment Options
        youve already won... youre 62 and im 61... however... i accept your challenge. i will one day pass your level by gaining 2xp per day instead of 1. get ready because here i come
      2. Acerna
        Aug 27, 2020
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    14. Snvy
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      pepper > salt change my mind
    15. Acerna
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      Happy late bday oopskies

      What about 16:00 makes it your favorite time of day?
      1. Acerna
        Jul 12, 2020
        Comment Options
        also your favorites are awesome c:

        epic astrophysicist nerd vibes your old user being one of your favorite elements
      2. Snvy
        Jul 12, 2020
        Comment Options
        ty :). sixteen is when i get off work on fridays and yes i am science nerd
    16. cernsie
      Post Options
      Happy late bday bro, I sent u a msg on discord but idk if u saw that e.e
      1. Snvy
        Jul 10, 2020
        Comment Options
        i deleted discord dont really use it anymore but i guess ill reinstall it e.e
    17. ATruePitato (3account)
      Post Options
      hey man! happy birthday from yesterday, glad to see you still around
      1. Snvy
        Jul 4, 2020
        Comment Options
        ayy thanks bro glad to see youre still around as well!
    18. Nerfguns3
      Post Options
      omg happy birthday :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
      1. Snvy
        Jul 3, 2020
        Comment Options
        thank you :D
    19. Snvy
      Post Options
      after practicing for honestly way too long i am proud to announce that i can play megalovania on piano
      1. ISleptOnMyKeyboard
        Jun 30, 2020
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    20. BasicT
      Post Options
      Dang it’s been awhile, how’s it going?
      1. Snvy
        Jun 11, 2020
        Comment Options
        yeah it has - dont play mineplex let alone minecraft much anymore so thats probably why. ive been doing alright though, hbu?
      2. BasicT
        Jun 11, 2020
        Comment Options
        Im doing alright myself thanks for asking
  • User Minecraft Info
    About User
    In case you didn’t know, you have started to read my bio!
    Hihi, I'm Snvy* and, honestly, I'm not that interesting of a person, but if you have read this much then you must be somewhat curious about who I am. You won't find too many details; however, here are a couple: In my free time, I enjoy playing tennis, sleeping, learning sciencey stuff and, obviously, playing video games. I speak not-so-fluent Spanish, I am a lifelong Eagle Scout, and I have been somewhat consistently involved in the Mineplex community since 2014, whilst playing Minecraft since 2012, respectively. That's absolutely nothing compared to other players, but I'm proud of the fact that I've spent so many hours and made so many friends through Mineplex and Minecraft alike. I've never been too active on the forums, but with Mineplex switching to XenForo I’m willing to give it another go. Mk, you are probably bored of reading this by now, so I'll end it soon. I don’t know how much of a help I will be, but if you have any questions feel free to shoot me a dm/pm and if you want to play with me in-game for whatever reason add me on Discord** or friend me in-game. Thanks for reading, and the person in my profile icon isn't me if you were wondering.
    *Pronounced "ˈsenvē", "sen-vee", or "ˈsen vi". Basically, "envy" with an 's' in front. 'Snivy', the Pokémon, is an okay - and more often used - pronunciation as well xd
    **In order to view my Discord username and tag you will need to register an account on the Mineplex forums. The same applies in order to view links to my Twitch and YouTube channels. Thanks! c;

    My favourite...
    Animal - Cats
    Book - Flowers for Algernon
    Colour - Dark black and crimson
    Drink - Milk
    Element - Carbon and Protactinium
    Food - Spicy Pad Thai and Goulash
    Game - League of Legends
    Holiday - Earth Day (22 April)
    Ice Cream Flavour - Vanilla Cookie Dough
    Jam - Strawberry
    Kit - Snowman (SSM)
    Language - Latin, Korean, Japanese and Chilean Spanish (what can I say - I like languages)
    Movie - Stargate
    Number - Four
    Occupation - Professor
    Pokémon - Skitty; Snivy is pretty cool as well c;
    Quote - ‘Fallor, ergo sum’ (Saint Augustine)
    Restaurant - Click-fil-A
    Song - Sweaters (Ivan B)
    Time - 16:00 (4:00 PM)
    University - Oxford
    Villian - Reverse Flash
    Word - Dream
    XenForo Forum - Mineplex
    Youtuber - DanTDM
    Zodiac - Virgo (actually Cancer)

    Feel free to ask me any questions via a wall post, Mineplex message or a Discord dm/pm. Will answer as soon as I am readily able c;

    Important Minecraft and Mineplex-related Dates (to me):
    Purchased Minecraft: Pocket Edition - 22 November, 2012
    Purchased Minecraft: Java Edition - 13 June, 2014
    First Joined Mineplex - 16 June, 2014
    Level 0 - 7 November, 2014
    Level 20 - 26 April, 2015
    Joined Mineplex Enjin - 17 August, 2015
    Hero - 4 December, 2015
    Level 40 - 14 January, 2016
    Legend - 11 June, 2016
    Purchased Minecraft: Story Mode - 4 August, 2016
    Purchased an Optifine Cape - 17 January, 2017
    Claimed Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition - 28 January, 2017
    Purchased Minecraft: Story Mode - Season Two - 25 March, 2018
    Joined Mineplex XenForo - 6 February, 2019
    Member - 29 April, 2019
    Level 60 - 30 May, 2019
    Player - 4 April, 2020

    Current Aesthetics*:
    Avatar created by dekantsu.
    Cover created by xOeuf.
    Optifine Cape created by abyss_1.
    Skin created by shabooyayaya.
    *Username or aesthetics may be outdated - cross-reference or take with caution.

    Much love to all my friends, even those whom I have not seen in years. Will never forget all of you. You know whom you are <3
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