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    1. WowTamman
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      Eyyy nice IGN change we should play again
      1. SSkyForge
        Jul 19, 2020
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        That would be fun! Also thanks, it took me a week to decide to do it, as I have had the ign "TurretedPoet466" for around 4 years. (Auto Xbox gamertag)
    2. WowTamman
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      Hey gamer I remember you :0
    3. UCYT5040
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      Thanks for the follow!
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    Hey there! I am a player of Mineplex bedrock that has been playing for around 4 years, but just came back to play around 1 - 2 months ago! I love to play with others, and my favorite game is skywars! If you like to do cakewars duos or squads, pm me! I love to play with people! Or just PM me if you want to talk! I'm basicly always free!
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