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    1. zaid
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    2. le Brownie
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      how have i never seen you before and what does "owner" rank mean?
      1. CatFan105
        Oct 27, 2021
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        means he owns mineplex
        And you haven't seen him before cause he does nothing
      2. StyxKiller03
        Nov 12, 2021
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    3. AAR2020
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      he couldn't even get level 100 on java
    4. StyxKiller03
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      Why doesn’t anyone follow this guy?
      1. Polar8
        Jul 28, 2021
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        I don't know.
    5. Knazamn
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      18 minutes ago he was online :0
    6. chrris
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      Strutt20 is a personal inspiration of mine as his amazing work for the Mineplex network motivates me to do the same. I would love to become an Owner on this amazing Minecraft server, I am a very innovative person and will bring Mineplex to 40K+ players a day! I would also make the community very happy by listening to them, and implementing their suggestions if they are within reason. All and all, Strutt20 is a person I would love to be like, his lack of appearance aspires me!
    7. chrris
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    8. FRlSBEE (parkourghost)
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      Active recently O_O
      1. Gil-galad
        Mar 2, 2021
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        20 minutes ago
      2. Jet Starglaze
        Jet Starglaze
        Mar 3, 2021
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    9. whylel // rain
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      Nice job joining immortals com lol, we saw you
      1. BloodOfTheKings
        Feb 10, 2021
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        Yep xD
    10. Orangey✌
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      lvl 4? Nooobbb
      1. StyxKiller03
        Dec 25, 2020
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        /godmode Strutt20
    11. xOeuf
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      last seen 1979
    12. chickenboi
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      I am thirsty for answers! who is defek7? Why is he the CEO and not Gregory Bylos, aka Sterling_
      are you Sterling_ or is defek7? please reply. I need the answers. and your opinion
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      2. chickenboi
        Nov 30, 2020
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        Also, defek7 doesn't even make any social presence. I don't know why he would pick defek7.
      3. Galyen
        Nov 30, 2020
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        Maybe Strutt or Sterling choose him or maybe Strutt just doesnt want it
      4. AAR2020
        Dec 19, 2020
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        Sterling_ is the founder, no one actually knows if he claimed the spot as CEO.
    13. Paladise
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      Given that you are the owner who has logged into the forums latest, I am here writing this post informing you of how beneficial it will be to Mineplex if it were to implement an automatic IP ban. I have already discussed this with Toki (the Rules Committee admin) and she said that it was an ownership decision on whether to create an automatic IP banning system. Given that Mineplex already Network bans players based on an Admin+ decision, it really doesn't make much sense to not automate it. Part of the network ban prohibits players from playing on alternate accounts by letting admins perform an IP check which takes a while. This is ineffective especially against hackers / rule-breakers who have several hundreds / thousands of alternate accounts. Automating it will reflect highly of the Leadership team onto the community and will let players enjoy Mineplex better. Instead of having to focus on the anticheat, developers could focus on other issues or suitable updates. Not only that, but Master Builders which is plagued with inappropriate builds can allow younger audiences to explore it (expanding the playerbase and generating more profit). Furthermore, the staff team can be more fully dedicated to joining staff sub teams and helping out players in other ways. I hope that you take this into consideration and thank you for reading.
    14. NewRelatedJam
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      jajajjaaj i like how strutt is the owner and i guess he is good but he is lvl 4 in bedrock
    15. ProMaster_
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      where is chiss
      1. Paiynz
        Oct 15, 2020
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        he has 0 idea most likely
    16. Aaron.
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      Hey, I think it'd be really cool if players saw you on the server or you popped in one of the Mineplex discords.
      1. Paiynz
        Oct 11, 2020
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        that wont happen he doesn't deal with community
    17. SoulGhoul
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      My pfp is like your pvp but better
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