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    1. scarlet
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      i love the pfp
      1. Thenorn
        Jan 26, 2021 at 5:54 AM
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      2. TheArrow'sShadow
        Jan 26, 2021 at 7:58 AM
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    2. Thenorn
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      I often wish I was just a few years older. If I hadn't still been such a kid during the golden days of Minecraft & Mineplex, I would have remembered and contributed a lot more. I usually hate leaving thoughts unresolved, but this one keeps haunting me. As I said to one of my MP friends a few days ago, I would have been so happy if I had the opportunity to be around as a staff member here from the summer of 2015, all the way to last summer where I'd resign as a five year veteran, with the full experience and a sense of accomplishment. As a result, considering that the server is currently a pretty boring place all things considered, I am getting mixed feelings, something I'm usually able to overcome quickly.

      But hey, not all is that dull. A new chapter lies ahead.​
    3. Thenorn
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      First post of 2021, how is everyone doing?​
      1. SpitefulNick
        Jan 17, 2021
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        is this shit over yet
      2. Cardyceps
        Jan 20, 2021
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        Why do I hear boss music?
    4. Thenorn
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      2020 Recapped.

      Holy moly.

      As much as 2019 was one of the better years recently, 2020 was one of the worst. After a shortened winter break and the surge of the virus, I found myself without the energy to complete the most basic school tasks. Together with the emotional pain that I pretty much caused to myself, there are more than enough reasons to call 2020 an absolute failure of a year.

      As for Mineplex, it started off somewhat good actually. I had moved on past the crises of my Trainee trial and was a happy Moderator on RP, later FM as well - the only setback being the RA rejection. However, due to online school and a few other factors, I resigned on April 4. I soon found that suddenly leaving the place I had loved so dearly was another mistake on my part. I tried returning as soon as two months later, even filing two reinstatement applications, but in truth, I wasn't capable of returning yet, as I was still going through a pretty tough phase of healing and self-doubts. By the end of summer, things had somewhat improved, and I was able to focus on the real world and keep up with school once again. While at first I thought it wouldn't make sense to make a return here since it's not particularly 'useful', I always considered being here to be a great pastime in many different ways. And when I got bored, I would just take a small break.

      With that said, my 2021 resolution for this place (and mostly in general) is to try new things, be less afraid, make small and meaningful changes around me and have fun.

      2020 has caused me to change a lot, but I have learned my lessons and I am ready to move on.

      Thanks to @vili_gx and @Dallarth for always being by my side.

      Happy New Year!

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      2. Zipppo
        Jan 13, 2021
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        woof woof woof grrrr
      3. Thenorn
        Jan 13, 2021
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      4. Cardyceps
        Jan 14, 2021
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        Yoshi's scream
    5. Thenorn
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      Out of the three strongest earthquakes I've ever felt, three of them happened this year, the latest occuring two hours ago. They were three different quakes at different locations. All I'm wondering is how that is possible.​
    6. Thenorn
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      I'm back on Mineplex again for the amazing XP in DMT. Since Christmas is very near for me, I also wish a very Merry Christmas to everyone!​
    7. RainbowUnicornGM
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      Flew over to your wall to wish you a merry Christmas!
    8. Thenorn
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      I believe I should also make a quick update on my mental health, I've been doing better for a few days now so I would say that the phase from earlier this month is over. It's just school and a deadline for a song I'm struggling with that are stressing me out right now. However, there is also a piece of advice I want to stress. Crying is extremely important. It's a way for internalized negative emotions to come out and it allows your mind to think more objectively - without the bias of anxiety, sadness or depression. If you're supressing your emotions for any reason, allow yourself to feel them. Unfortunately, for most of this year I have been emotionally numb to the point where I didn't cry for over nine months until a couple of days ago.​
      1. maevestarbaby
        Dec 22, 2020
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        Proud of you :)
    9. Thenorn
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      One year ago, I completed my second trainee trial. Let's say it had its ups and downs, as did the entire journey, but I'll talk about it more in the upcoming annual new year post.

      I've been pretty inactive recently as I've had to do a lot of sitting already for school and music. I'll be back in a week.​
    10. Dallarth
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      Hello everybody that checks Norns wall, Dallarth here filling in for Norns weekly post as he is unable to be here today. Todays subject will be "nostalgia", so without further ado, here we go.

      Nostalgia. It is something that we all feel from time to time. Whether it be a memory from a time in our lives that we wish we could experience again or even a simple smell that is familiar from our childhood, it is nevertheless a welcome feeling and provides warmth and comfort. Nostalgia can also invoke sadness, however, as it reminds us of a time when life was simpler. Just remember, feeling nostalgic is completely normal and there is nothing wrong with feeling a little sad now and again, it is a normal human emotion. As Norn likes to include quotes and poems and the like in his posts, I will now do the same. Here is a quote about nostalgia. I hope it lives up to the standards of normal Norn quotes.

      "Time was passing like a hand waving from a train I wanted to be on.
      I hope you never have to think about anything as much as I think about you"

      And that concludes my Norn post. I hope everyone has a good day/evening. Farewell.​
    11. Thenorn
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      After a few months, I've decided to write a poem inspired by a song again. Let's say... it hasn't been a good couple of days for me. I've been having nightmares almost every night. It's been raining a lot as well, but right now I'm looking outside the window at 12:40am and I see many snowflakes rushing down from the sky. It's snowing again. It won't stick to the ground or anything, but it reminds me of how I rushed outside to greet even those wet snowflakes a year ago when the weather was similar.

      I wrote the poem yesterday evening, though. The continuous feeling of the world around me just being much different than it was a mere few months ago is haunting me without any reason. It's just there, and I cannot get rid of it. There's no way to escape it. Except dreams... endless dreams.

      "Who Will Save Us Now?"

      When rain brings sorrows of eternity
      and reminiscence of our sheer fragility;
      when the rooms are dark and cold,
      and there is no hand to hold.

      When your heart is like an abandoned home
      whose old inhabitants are long from earth gone.
      The smell of old furniture fading away,
      as if the memories were not meant to stay.

      When nothing is quite like it used to be,
      when entire parts of perception disappear,
      when the consciousness feels completely numb
      and there is no hope in the days to come:

      Who will save us now?​
    12. Thenorn
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      In case any of you haven't heard, @WowCaleb resigned from the staff team. I think he is one of those who have contributed the most to the server recently as moderators, and I strongly encourage you to leave him a well deserved message of farewell on his wall if you haven't already.​
      1. WowCaleb
        Dec 6, 2020
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        Thanks Norn, that means a lot <3 I'm sure I'm going to see you resume your journey at some point and I'll be around to support you when that happens. Thank you for putting up with me from such an early stage as well, can't undervalue that.
    13. Thenorn
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      Been a bit emotionally stressed out recently. Might not be as active for a few more days.​
      1. Cardyceps
        Dec 6, 2020
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        Same thing bro.
    14. Thenorn
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      Not me forgetting to do the Advent Calendar challenge on the second day!​
      1. BreezeBlockss
        Dec 3, 2020
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        I did this too and now I'm big sad :(
    15. Sunny / Slash
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      your bedrock username is nornlet :eyes:
      1. Thenorn
        Dec 2, 2020
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        it's a small Norn
    16. Sunny / Slash
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      hey thenorn, you should give me a TBH, that would make you better than @scarlet , she said she couldn't because it was forums xD
      1. scarlet
        Dec 2, 2020
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        you need to uh, like the post
        scroll down
    17. Thenorn
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      Stronger than yesterday.​
    18. scarlet
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      woww immortal i see
      1. Thenorn
        Dec 1, 2020
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    19. Thenorn
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      Welcome back Christmas!

    20. Thenorn
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      Distributed more TBHs, unfortunately @Dallarth might discover that "TBH: ur bad" still stands on his wall because I'm not capable of writing it all. By the way, if you don't like the TBH I put up on your wall for any reason, here's my permission to delete it.

      Anyways, have a poem! One I wrote 10 minutes ago in... 10 minutes

      "The Edge Of Existence"

      It all seems so different,
      as if another painter colored the world.
      It all seems so insignificant,
      like a past quarrel on a death bed.

      Back where you came from,
      there are no answers to be found.
      So keep walking slowly
      towards the edge of existence.

      Feelings are mixed, unbalanced,
      and the wind seems to have a different taste.
      But keep walking slowly
      towards the edge of existence.

      The human mind only awakens
      when it arrives at the event horizon.
      There is no coming back
      from the edge of existence.

      (Four) shooting stars
      (Three) wishes
      (Two) souls
      (One) answer​
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