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    1. TTTPiglet
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      Hello, does anyone know why my character is disappearing & all the sudden everyone is invisible around me? I can hear all the sounds around me, but for some reason it's like nobody including me have loaded in yet,

      Also everyone else can see me but I can't see them, I also can't see anything I'm holding in my hand or what I have on

      - Java Edition.
    2. TTTPiglet
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      Hello, does anyone know a fast way to level up? Looking forward to grind up a bit in Mineplex
      1. CatFan105
        Aug 23, 2021
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        bom blobbers
      2. TTTPiglet
        Aug 25, 2021
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        thank u
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    I am 15 years old, my name is Sage an I really like Pigs.

    I'm really active on Minecraft so maybe you'll see me on Mineplex, See ya soon?

    -- DOB: 06/30/07, messed up my DOB on my Profile an made it 2006, No I can't change it
    Not really necessarily, but it's whatever!
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