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    1. Numatics
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      Little late, but, it is sad to see you go! I seen the entire process from you becoming a Trainee to becoming a Moderator. It is sad to see you go and thanks for everything!
    2. Orilly
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      Thanks for everything Dan ❤️
    3. syrenical
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      Thanks for everything <3
    4. Whisper The Wolf
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      Thanks for everything
    5. PieWithPi
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    6. Pyu_08
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      miss ya
    7. okDamien
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    8. Loofii
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      i love u
      1. BBoy2003
        Jul 16, 2020
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        *doesn't respond*
    9. Loofii
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    10. Tours
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      So sad to see u leave, amazing. we've had sooo many good memories together, and I think you're such an amazing person. im going to miss u so much, dan. love u loads, amazing. thanks for everything youve done on the team
    11. Pyu_08
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      Sad to see you go Dan </3
    12. jacvb
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      ill miss ya man but thank you for everything you've done for this team <3_<3
    13. RainbowUnicornGM
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      Dan, thanks for everything you've done on the staff team. You were such an amazing Moderator and are a great friend. I'm glad I got to see you get Trainee, and then get promoted to Mod a few months later. I respect your decision though, even if it hurts my heart to see. And I understand it's for the best. I hope that I'll be able to still see you around. <3
    14. cerns
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      I know we had our ups and downs, but ultimately you were one of the best staff members I personally have seen. Thank you for always being such a kind and supportive friend dan, you deserve the world, and thank you for what you’ve done for the server <3
    15. Laylq
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      Danny looks like I am late to this..
      I wish we had more time to work together and play more but that’s fine I still am so glad I looked up to you and with whatever you plan on doing, I support you forever and always. Your future is bright because you are the one and only danny that was one of the realest on the team <3. I am here too!! don’t forget about me!!
      I fr hate writing this makes my heart sink, I know it’s for the best <3
    16. Knazamn | Skittles1052
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      Aww, thanks for everything. You were a great staff member! :c
    17. Parkzr
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      nooooo dan :(
      You were definitely one of my closest friends on the staff team and taught me so much during your time here. You were a crucial part of my learning and success and I will always owe you for that! In my opinion, your personality embodied the core values of the Mineplex staff team and server as a whole and should be viewed as a model for all. I know we will continue being friends on and off the server which I am very appreciative of. Even if you are not directly working with me anymore, you are an integral part of the server and hopefully, I continue seeing you around in-game!
    18. Viberent
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      Thank you. Thank you for everything. I'm speechless.
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