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    Hello everyone!

    I apologize in advance for any spelling error!

    Let me introduce myself:
    My name is Damijan, I'm 23 years old (I know haha a little too old to play minecraft but ok) and I coming from beautiful Slovenia. It was 2013 when I first bought Minecraft for a Christmas present. For the same hour that I got to know how Minecraft works and how it plays, I logged on to the Mineplex server for the first time. At the time, Mineplex was one of the largest servers in the world. I was impressed by Mineplex about Youtuber: SerbianGamesBL (Serbia) SuperNerdz / Nerdz (USA) xKOSIUSx (Slovenia) .. etc etc. At the time, it was still a small lobby the same as it is now but without a tree in the middle. When you logged into the Mineplex you could go left and there was a place to play slime ball football if any of you who have been playing for a couple of years remember what I was talking about (Mineplex's best years at least for me). During these four years I met quite a few nice people with whom we developed a really nice and long-term friendship off the server thanks to the Mineplex team. The coolest thing that ever happened to me on the server is that I got a Titan rank in Mythical Chest (if I can find this picture I'll attach it next). All of you who have been playing Mineplex for a few years can remember me by the names: xDamijan, ChissMeowMeow, DayNightSunRain, PPAPApplePen, DatBojSavage, DamijanGames, dequry, SkinsRestorer ... etc etc (I was 62 Level).

    16.10.2017 I decided to take a little break from the whole Minecraft and sold the account without thinking (Now I regret it) and after 2 years I decided to come back to Minecraft community again. So thank you very much for reading the introduction about me and the experience at Mineplex. I hope these good years of Mineplex come back as soon as possible.

    Have a nice day!
    With huge love, xDamijan1996 ❤️
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