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    1. Yopi
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      congrats on sw lb
      1. Vaxerri
        Jul 25, 2022
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    2. Yopi
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      Skywars leaderboard when?
      1. Vaxerri
        Jul 5, 2022
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        lost count of wins
    3. Vaxerri
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      How do missions work? How do I tell if I've completed one?
      1. Cheezeburgerfan
        Jun 27, 2022
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        Missions are broken right now.
    4. Vaxerri
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      How does one link bedrock avatar? If there's a way please tell me I hate being steve :'(
      1. CloudyDay1234
        May 5, 2022
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        You can't unfortunately. Skins are saved to devices and not accounts, and the way we get Java skins is by account. There was some talk about finding a way to implement them I believe, but we have no web dev as of now.
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    Hello, I like to build and play skywars!
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