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    1. WhyJustY
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      i'm posting this here so that i don't risk getting banned:
      post the stupidest reason you've seen for a thread getting locked
    2. WhyJustY
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      for some reason i don't constantly see someone join a lobby and immediately say "omg is that mrfartpoopoo ur my daddy omg!!!!!" anymore. i remember seeing that a lot
    3. WhyJustY
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      I think it's over for Mineplex now. It's on life support from the bedrock server, but I feel like the bedrock server won't make much money either, because I feel like it's going to mostly attract kids, but the kids won't be a good source of money either.
    4. WhyJustY
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      i keep seeing ~40 people on the beta mineplex server but i can't see them anywhere
    5. WhyJustY
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      i am currently seretonin deficient
    6. WhyJustY
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      hollyapple has objectively bad taste in mineplex minigames
      1. WhyJustY
        Sep 25, 2022
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        fight me hollyapple. tell me why build battle but with worst prompts is superior to bomb lobbers
    7. WhyJustY
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      imagine getting muted twice
      1. WhyJustY
        Sep 24, 2022
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        couldn't be me
    8. BubbleBear1
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    9. WhyJustY
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      i love being part of this community
    10. WhyJustY
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      i have no idea what's going on and i'm out of the loop, how come everyone suddenly hates alexthecoder now?
    11. WhyJustY
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      like this post to decrease your pain tolerance to the point that walking hurts your feet
    12. WhyJustY
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      I should name my pets "Hi", "No, "Yes, "Muted" and such so that I have a way of communication even when I get muted again
    13. WhyJustY
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      ignore if you agree
      1. DrRentzel
        Sep 14, 2022
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    14. WhyJustY
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      being muted sucks
    15. WhyJustY
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      i insta killed an "afk" player in ssm with fish flurry for literally no reason
    16. WhyJustY
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      something about the technoblade tribute in the mineplex newsletter feels odd to me. i think it's pretty wack
    17. WhyJustY
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      TIL that someone made a video recording themselves absolutely destroying me in the mineplex lobby gladiators game
      1. WhyJustY
        Sep 14, 2022
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        let's hope the video doesn't gain traction, an awfully high amount of famous people have been dying this year
    18. WhyJustY
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      it's pretty funny how one of that hardest kits in ssm is a free kit
    19. WhyJustY
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      cake wars gimmick map idea: tower of heaven
      the map takes on a green gameboy-like color scheme. it is structured like any other map, but there is a book of laws that constantly has two global restrictions at a time, switching one of them for another every 2 minutes. if anyone disobeys the restrictions, they instantly get killed.
      note: the second and third restrictions will never be applied at the same time at the start. that would be annoying.

      thou shalt not eat cake
      thou shalt not place blocks
      thou shalt not buy anything
      thou shalt not jump
      thou shalt not kill by damage
      thou shalt not kill by void
      thou shalt not collect resources
      thou shalt not take the beacon in the middle (team currently owning beacon does not get punished)
      thou shalt not take the beacons in between the bases
      thou shalt not stop moving
    20. WhyJustY
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      ssm gimmick map idea: tic-tac-toe
      this map can only be played by two players.
      the map consists of a grid of 9 large squares, 3 by 3. these are the ground and the main part of the map.
      if a player gets a kill, the square the killer is standing on puts an x or o depending on which player the killer was. there are unlimited lives, and whoever gets three in a row wins, like tic tac toe.
      if a draw happens, the board gets reset.
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