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    1. le Brownie
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      Hello! You liked my post on my profile so that you could obtain a TBH post, so that's what I'm doing.


      Hey caleb!! This is what I honestly have to say about you. I think your an awesome person, I remember when you were a moderator and how you were (I think) the first moderator I ever contacted for help. Those were nice times :) I love the style of your profile, whoever or however made your banner did I nice job! Your pfp is nice as well. Overall I think your a wonderful person and I love the vibes you bring here :D​
    2. dcdb
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      hey qt xoxo
    3. Thenorn
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      now i can't bribe any forum staff :(
    4. le Brownie
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      I saw your green tag in a thread a sec ago and I was like

      hold up.. wait a minute-
      1. CatFan105
        Sep 15, 2021
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        Its been like tust for a little while though...
      2. le Brownie
        le Brownie
        Sep 16, 2021
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        ? its been what
      3. le Brownie
        le Brownie
        Sep 16, 2021
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    5. CatFan105
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      Huh you have 7575 likes
    6. xHarrison
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      1. dcdb
        Sep 12, 2021
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      2. mathuu
        Oct 2, 2021
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    7. ItsMqrk
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      I've said it before but thanks for everything Caleb and best of luck moving forward, STAY IN CONTACT ILY <3
    8. Looof
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    9. RavenPaw9
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      Thank you for everything <3
    10. Panda Pixel
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    11. Lupe The Wolf
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      Thanks for everything
    12. yauvi
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      I will always remember translating things from Croatian to English for ya while I was still on the team. You've dedicated so much time to the server outside of the staff team as well as inside it. No matter what occurs you deserve the best regardless. Take care of yourself Caleb and the respect I have for you as well as most of the community is far behind explainable. Thank you <3
    13. ItsFree
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      1. le Brownie
        le Brownie
        Sep 15, 2021
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        all the og mods are resigning ;-;
    14. Coyly.
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      Thanks for everything, you we're a really cool person.
    15. DolphinSweat
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      Thank you for everything. I wish you the best of luck moving forward.
    16. siee
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      NOO CALEB:( i’m gonna miss seeing you around. I enjoyed your company in Staff-1 at 8 AM on those school days so I wouldn’t fall asleep LMAO. Thank you for everything, one of the most supportive & knowledgeable people I’ve met. You were always such a great staff member and I KNOW you’ll do great things. Keep in touch <3
    17. AtlantaTV
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      stop ghosting me on snap
      1. View previous comments...
      2. _hazza
        Sep 5, 2021
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        no fam im the best i only get ghosted for 2 h at most
      3. dcdb
        Sep 12, 2021
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        I’ve been left on delivered for a month
      4. dcdb
        Sep 12, 2021
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        Caleb >:((
    18. hkq
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      love you <3 wish you all the best
  • User Minecraft Info
    About User
    Hey! Yes, I do start all of my posts with that greeting. I do a little bit of everything here on Mineplex, so keep reading if you want to find out more, whether you are new to my profile or just one of my close friends in the middle of a stalking session.


    "I've never heard of WowCaleb. Remind me, who is he?"

    My name is WowCaleb but almost everyone on the network knows me as Caleb. I'm 16 years old and I live in Ireland. Outside of school and Mineplex, I play casual sports while I wait around for the summer months where I can take part in various land and water activities like rock climbing, banana boating, canoeing, and so on. I love adventure and I really want to travel the world when I'm older. I also really enjoy hanging out with my friends.

    As for Mineplex, I have achieved a lot since I returned to the community on Christmas day of 2019, and I enjoy my current position a lot. I especially love interacting with the community and getting to know you guys better through all our platforms. I'm also that one guy you might see writing articles for the Newsletter, managing the Mineplex Discord, moderating the forums, and assisting the Recruitment team in choosing the next generation of Mineplex staff members.


    "Alright, you don't actually sound too bad. Where can I find you?"

    Despite all that I do, I'm very friendly and I don't bite, so make sure to stop by and say hey if you ever see me around. Which could be anytime seeing as my sleep schedule is slowly deteriorating. I'll probably be talking about random things in Lobby-1, or playing Nano Games or Speed Builders. I can only tolerate Cake Wars when I'm playing with my friends.

    Feel free to add me on Discord (caleb.#5549) as well. I've been a lot more active over there recently, so if you DM me, you are guaranteed a response.


    "I've heard your name around before... what have you accomplished so far?"

    PART 1 (March - December 2020)

    Accepted as a Trainee - 21/3/20
    Accepted onto the Newsletter Program - 1/4/20
    Accepted onto Event Assistance - 14/4/20
    Early Promoted to Moderator - 18/4/20
    Accepted onto Reports Patrol - 6/5/20
    Accepted onto Forum Management Assistance - 19/5/20
    Accepted onto the Map Testing Team - 26/5/20
    Resigned from the Staff Team - 6/12/20
    Resigned from Event Assistance and the Map Testing Team - 6/12/20

    PART 2 (April 2021 - present)

    Reinstated as a Moderator - 10/4/21
    Accepted onto Discord Management - 15/5/21
    Accepted onto Forum Management Assistance (Part 2) - 1/6/21
    Accepted onto Recruitment Assistance - 12/6/21
    Accepted onto Reports Patrol (Part 2) - 30/6/21
    Resigned from the Staff Team (Part 2) - 4/9/21


    "Yeah, that's not enough. Give us some statistics to prove yourself."

    PART 1 (March - December 2020)

    Total amount of SRs completed as a Trainee - 300
    Middle of Trial Test (MoT) score - 89%
    Mod Test Score - 88.3%
    6th most /reports handled for the month of April - 705 reports
    4th most Forum reports handled for the month of May - 228 reports
    3rd most Forum reports handled for the month of June - 307 reports
    4th most /reports handled for the month of July - 975 reports
    4th most Forum reports handled for the month of July - 179 reports
    5th most /reports handled for the month of August - 706 reports
    3rd most Forum reports handled for the month of August - 166 reports
    10th most /reports handled for the month of October - 188 reports

    PART 2 (April 2021 - present)

    Reinstatement Test Score - 82%
    5th most /reports handled for the month of April - 304 reports
    1st most forum reports handled for the month of July - 467 reports


    "What goals are you working towards?"
    • Achieve Senior Mod on the Recruitment team

    "Who should I contact if you're bad (or good!)?"

    StM Mentor - Ralfie

    Newsletter Lead - AGLThree
    Recruitment Assistance Mentor & Manager - AGLThree
    Reports Patrol Mentor - AyyNick
    FM Assistance Mentor - oCassi
    Discord Management Leads - Toki & Marzie
    Always feel free to voice your opinion :)
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