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    1. xPossum
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      And an eventful year has come to an end. Thank you guys for supporting me through this crazy journey, and I'll see you in 2021
    2. xPossum
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      It looks like the live stream playback isn't working :(. I'm sorry guys. A recap though, I played lots of castle siege, killed some people with snowballs, managed to survive till day 3 in UHC, and mined 30 cobblestone in Christmas Chaos. I also got immortal. It was a great stream, and I'm sorry the playbacks not letting you guys see it for yourselves :(
    3. xPossum
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      That was a lot of fun, and I ended up buying immortal! If you have any suggestions for me for things to get from the immortal shop send me a shout. thank you all for your continued support of my channel.
    4. xPossum
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      We will be live at 8pm EST playing my favorite game and spreading Christmas cheer! Make sure to be there.
    5. xPossum
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      Apologies for no video the past few days. I've had a pretty bad headache. I may do a big live stream today to make up for it. Keep tuned.
    6. xPossum
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      The second thing at Christmas that's such a pain to me, rigging up the lights, and finding a Christmas Tree!

    7. xPossum
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      After LITERALLY hours of trying to find a game, I finally kileld some folks with snow.

    8. xPossum
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      From a member rick rolling to what appears to be an advanced AI, I played draw my thing with an interesting group of individuals.

    9. xPossum
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      After kidnapping my original immortal, I have bested Christmas Chaos in under 15 (and by that I mean I was totally carried)

    10. xPossum
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      After internet issues and definitely not passing out while recording this the first time, I finally present you; hoarding snowballs and failing at my goals! :D

    11. xPossum
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      Had internet difficulties yesterday. I'll try to do two challenges in today's video :)
    12. xPossum
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    13. xPossum
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      I have to throw some snowballs in a very long and frusturating version of the bridges

    14. xPossum
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      Time to build build build for prizes! Can I win?

    15. xPossum
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      For today's event, I had to play a game that takes place at night. Ooooh. Spooky.
    16. xPossum
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      In a challenge about playing with friends, I realized that I have none and kidnapped 2 immortals to make me win :)

    17. xPossum
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      I suck at Christmas Chaos, so I kidnapped an immortal to help me win :)

    18. xPossum
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      Day 8 is done, it's just such a great video it's taking forever to render/upload. It'll be a tad late, but I promise it's worth the wait.
    19. xPossum
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      Day 7 is here! Look out, or you may just get snowballed :gwen:

    20. xPossum
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      To make up for missing yesterday, today I bring you a double Christmas Chaos special featuring two snowmen!

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