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    1. Look_Dan
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      Well my god! How've you been batchie!? :o
      1. XtremeLucas543
        Sep 10, 2020
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        Heyy! I was actually going to send you a message a few days ago asking how you were doing, it's great to see you! I am happy to see that you are still staff after all these years. I am very proud of you :D
      2. Look_Dan
        Sep 11, 2020
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        Thank you Lucas! We'll 100% need to catch up soon! <3
    2. XtremeLucas543
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      UHC is back! Very happy to see it make a return.

      I haven't been on the Mineplex Forums in a while, I hope everyone is having an amazing day! :)
    3. XtremeLucas543
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      Decided to make a Mineplex account, probably won't be to active here also but still will check in every once in a while!
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    Hey, my name is Lucas and I am a former Mineplex Moderator. I was accepted as a Trainee June 17, 2016 and promoted two months later to Moderator. I was staff for 11 months straight. If you are interested to know more about me, shoot me a PM! :)
    Former Mineplex Moderator
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