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    1. Lady_Alyss
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      Happy Birthday!
    2. 20LeeBrian1
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      Happy birthday!!
    3. Vytas
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      Happy bday!
    4. Zyta
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      The movement will continue.
      1. Gil-galad
        Jul 21, 2021 at 2:41 AM
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        Nice banner
      2. Zyta
        Jul 21, 2021 at 9:08 AM
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        Thanks LOL
    5. Ava-the-Artist
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      You didn't deserve your demotion, your the nicest mod on the network! Demoting you was a terrible mistake on their part because they've lost their best staff member! I'm so sorry this happened, just know that none of us will forget what a great staff member you were :)
      1. Zyta
        Apr 8, 2021
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        Ava :( that means a lot to me and it made me really happy. Thank you for your kind thoughts and words. I appreciate your support and thank you for how you've made me feel :) <3
    6. pqk
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      Wha no! So sad to see you go, MOD looked so great on you. I'm sorry a friend betrayed you in a way, that is really horrible. Please don't go inactive, however - people on mp need you in more ways than you know!
    7. Krystal The Fox
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      Thanks for everything.
    8. FRlSBEE (parkourghost)
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      Thanks for everything Zyta, I hope you do well in the future <3
    9. wild_def
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      So sorry to hear this! You were one of the best mods they had.
    10. WowCaleb
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      Thank you for everything NYC man, you'll be missed. Hopefully I'll see you around, and best of luck with everything in future <3
    11. rray
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      thank you for everything XD
      1. icantcompete
        Mar 30, 2021
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        :puppy eye:
    12. Zyta
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      So uh yeah I was demoted. I am disappointed in some people, but ultimately I guess it was my fault for not being cautious with my accounts. At least I am the one that paid the consequences for it.. I will write more about my demotion later on if I decide to. I don’t know if I will stay active on the network. I also am more upset that the person I did so much for was the one responsible behind my demotion. I don’t hate you, I never will. I just hope you become sane some day. And if you’re feeling satisfaction rather than guilt because of my demotion, I don’t know what to say. I became trainee because of you... I got demoted because of you. Yes I was passionate about being a staff member but it’s over now. Everything must come to an end and I am always prepared for the unexpected. No I’m not going to cry about my demotion for the rest of my life. You know me very well, I will move on quickly. I will be just fine. For all the people that “hate” me: why? Was it because of something you heard about me? It never really bothered me but I just hope god blesses you guys. Try to see things from other peoples perspectives, be more open minded. Control1010 was a person I was able to befriend after she got to know me, and I appreciate her very much. Anyways, I hope you all learned a thing or two. Goodbye !
      1. ContRol1010
        Mar 30, 2021
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        zyta i am a big supporter....will miss u my E-king </3
      2. Evgeen
        Mar 31, 2021
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    13. 20LeeBrian1
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      Thanks for everything!
    14. NuclearLFA
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      Oh no :( thank you for everything you have done for this server. I wish you nothing but the best with your future endeavors.
    15. Vytas
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      I am so sad to see you go you were a friend to me in my lowest moments and I cannot thank you enough. We have shared so many amazing memories together over the past year and I will cherish them forever. Please stay in touch <3
    16. duckle
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      das tuff
    17. Jylie
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      thank you so much for everything batchie, i know we havent spoken in ages, but i wish you the best and hope you're ok <3
    18. ItsFree
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      thanks for everything man, you were an awesome staff member and you def made my experience on this team way better, ill miss you and hope we can still be friends and maybe even see you come back <33
    19. dcdb
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      Thank you for everything :(
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