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4th of July Skin | PREMIERE

Discussion in 'Arts & Banner Showcase' started by DeluxFTW, Jul 3, 2021.

  1. I have a new speedpaint video that'll be on PREMIERE tomorrow at 12pm EDT!
    Posted Jul 3, 2021
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  2. Hey!

    Happy (late) 4th of July! I'm Canadian so I don't celebrate it but I enjoyed seeing all my friend's posts about it. As always, great skin! You make it look so eassyyy :weary:. You're so good at the shading and little details as well. Can't wait to see more! <3
    Posted Jul 6, 2021
  3. I’m late, but wow you did a nice job on this! I hope you had a good 4th of July. Thank you for sharing this video:)
    Posted Jul 6, 2021
  4. Wow the skin looks great! I am also a bit late to this but happy 4th of July!
    Posted Jul 6, 2021
  5. Heyo!

    This is actually really interesting. I’ve never really tried to make skins myself (not the best I won’t lie), however it’s really interesting seeing the process and the technique you use. Awesome job and you should definitely try out for Skin Artist if you’re interested in the position!
    Posted Jul 6, 2021
  6. Hola Delux!

    This skin that you made is super cool! It's perfect for the holiday. I really like the process or technique that you use to make and fill it in. It's super impressive and really shows the talent that you have when it comes to skin making and art as a whole. The colors are perfect and they all blend well together. Overall, great skin like always! Thanks for sharing!
    Posted Jul 7, 2021

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