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A really cute badger

Discussion in 'Arts & Banner Showcase' started by TheArrowsShadow, Jul 9, 2021.

  1. Hallo! Welcome back to That Time of the Week™!

    This weeks art request was placed by @BadgerInASuit who wanted badger- in a suit. I must say, I have never drawn a badger before and I had no idea how to ultimately do this. My normal process with non-human skins is to make them humanoid in an onesie or hat or something of that nature (Except with the case of @Twist where I just put a piece of bread on top of her head), but this time I took a little bit of a different route and just......


    here you go. He is going to run for president of cuteness. I will not be taking any criticism unless it is in village noises, thank you.


    I will also be gone for two weeks, but I will try my best to get to @aahad and @EnderGamer within those weeks, as you two are next.
    Posted Jul 9, 2021
  2. For your first time drawing a non-anthropomorphic profile, you did incredibly well! Very hufflepuff ha
    Yeah good job
    Posted Jul 9, 2021
  3. This is an amazing piece of artwork, it will be hard for anyone including yourself to match it again! (Obviously, because it is a badger in a suit)
    I think it turned out better than I could have imagined! Thank you for putting in the time and effort to draw these amazing pictures for people.

    I love the oversized sleeves :0
    Posted Jul 9, 2021
    Posted Jul 9, 2021
  5. Could I request a skin..or? Dm me on forums if yes ;)
    Posted Jul 10, 2021
  6. His signature says closed, when it changes yiucan make a request i belive
    Posted Jul 10, 2021
  7. Thx ;)
    Posted Jul 10, 2021
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  8. niceeee, love the suit
    Posted Jul 10, 2021
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  9. That's adorable! I don't know what it is about animals in suits, but I absolutely love the idea. The oversized suit is a nice touch in my opinion, gives him a kind of derpy look.
    Posted Jul 10, 2021
  10. just saw this and it reminded me of this post lol

    Posted Jul 10, 2021
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  11. This is so cute, I love it so much!!! Honestly, if you hadn't mentioned your lack of experience with this form of art, I wouldn't have noticed - to me you clearly have some talent. We all know you're a great artist, but this piece is really standing out from previous ones in my opinion. I specifically love the colour scheme you went with, the colours compliment each other well, plus the little details like the background and the stars around the head are super adorable!

    I'd say continue experimenting with this kind of work and see where it takes you!
    Posted Jul 12, 2021
  12. It looks epic and very cute at the same time! You did a great job once again Arrow!
    Posted Jul 13, 2021
  13. I really love this one! I don't know how you made it so incredibly cute!
    Posted Jul 14, 2021
  14. Hey!

    A little late to this one but as usual, I love it! This is different from the rest you've done and even though you're new to pieces like this, it looks amazing! There's so much detail and it's seriously well drawn. This drawing reminds me of Fruits Basket when they transform into animals (I'm pretty sure I saw you say somewhere you watched it)! I like the sparkles and it also reminds me of Fruits Basket since it kinda emphasizes that they just transformed. Great job!
    Posted Jul 15, 2021
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  15. Hii Arrow!

    Once again, this looks absolutely fantastic! I love the badger and the entire drawing overall, and I think it's super neat looking how you drew the oversized suit on the badger. The entire piece is very well drawn as usual, and I really admire the amount of detail and effort put into everything. Overall you did a fantastic job on this! Keep up the great work!!
    Posted Jul 18, 2021
  16. Arrow!!! This is so adorable. I always look forward to seeing your work, keep being awesome!!!!!!
    Posted Jul 20, 2021
  17. I'm back and I totally didn't forget to respond to all these messages haha


    Thank you so much for requesting! It was really fun to draw and I'm glad you liked it :D

    Mathuu for VP

    Yesssss >:D

    when I was looking up reference pictures that image kept popping up and now I'm traumatized haha

    Thank you so much! I'm so glad that you and many others continue to support me with all the stuff that I post! Thanks!

    Thank you ^^

    :D I'm glad you like it!

    Heya! You don't miss any of these posts so I wasn't worried :P
    I have no idea what Fruits Basket is, but I'm bad at putting the name to the face so maybe I did I'm not sure. I dontttt think it was me though haha

    Thank you so much! I'm just glad people are enjoying it haha

    Brook!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jul 25, 2021
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