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Not Planned About User Idea

Discussion in 'Website Feedback' started by January34, Jun 29, 2019.

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  1. Whats poppin everyone! Quick introduction if you don't know me I'm January34 you can call me Jan if you want. I'm currently the King of Winter and that's all!

    So now that you know me I'm here to propose another idea. If you didn't catch my first idea no sweat you can view it here if you want. Now for all of those wondering what my idea is let me tell ya! I purpose to add a section under the About User on a players profile. What do I wish to add your asking yourself well what I was thinking was something called Aspirations! The reason why I wish to add Aspirations is because I feel that a player should be able to express what there overall goal is. Could it be wanting to become a Trainee? Perhaps becoming a Builder or Developer is what your seeking. Or maybe your like me who wishes to join the Customer Support Team. I know this isn't a major thing to implement but I feel as this idea is a way to also share what there intentions are and what they're hoping to accomplish without having to make a post on their wall. I'm not sure what everyone else would think about this idea so let me know down in the comments below and tell me what you think. Is it good, bad, not detailed, I promise if you wish to share your opinion don't be afraid! I'm here to see if the community wants this. Also if you do support my idea and feel that replying may get you a warning for Post boosting just hit that little thumbs up. It shows your support after all!

    Take care everyone! -January34
    Posted Jun 29, 2019
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  2. Yo,

    I don't think this is necessary seeing as there's an "About You" box when you click on About User that others can see and you can put information in. (For example, I have achievements in Mineplex listed there) Since that feature already exists, adding another feature for only aspirations wouldn't be that useful or used. You can also put your aspirations in your signature.
    Posted Jul 8, 2019
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  3. We don't plan to add this. As Augend has already said, you can already do this either in your about me section or you can do this in your signature too. We don't feel there needs to be a specific section for this and because of that, we will be denying this idea. Message me with questions or concerns.
    Posted Feb 24, 2020
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