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Not Planned Add a Separate Subforum for Cosmetic Ideas

Discussion in 'Website Feedback' started by maevestarbaby, Nov 22, 2020.


Are cosmetics worthy of their own subforum (after you have read my reasoning)?

  1. Yes

    1 vote(s)
  2. No, let me tell you why

    2 vote(s)
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  1. Cosmetics are a big part of the server and it feels off to have a tiny preference idea in a section named General Idea Discussion among threads that are about bigger things.

    There should be a separate section just for cosmetic ideas/alterations. This includes preferences, communities, friends, etc.

    Furthermore, a lot of ideas don't end up getting any response to them in GID compared to other subforums, in terms of processed/not planned etc.

    I believe this needs to change because things like preferences and cosmetics themselves hold a lot of value to the server for everybody, not just players, and in my opinion it's justified to have a subforum just dedicated to it. I know that actual games hold more weight but revamping old cosmetics and their systems is also important for the appearance of the server, as well as lobby fun. People have a lot of creative and good albeit 'small' ideas and they tend to get buried under a really big discussion post that speaks about things like the anti-cheat, overall server development and the community.
    Posted Nov 22, 2020,
    Last edited Nov 22, 2020
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  2. Actually, why isn't this a thing? I'm surprised this already isn't on the forums to begin with lol. This is a solid +1 from me mate. I hope this gets added!
    Posted Nov 22, 2020
  3. We would end up adding other subforms then too, not just cosmetics. It would look out of place and there's a lot of threads that can fit in other categories too, thus clearing up this section.

    If we had a dedicated dev to cosmetics, we probably would've seen more cosmetics than just a new taunt and win effect for Halloween. We could've seen a new Halloween chest or at least new Halloween items.

    Having a specific subform will not make things get planned or denied quicker. People can see them more clearly, but it will not make anything go faster.

    Gonna give you a 0 for this. If we add cosmetics sub form, we gotta add the rest and that will either look ugly and end up looking like the arcade section or it will actually help us.
    Posted Nov 22, 2020
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  4. I feel the current organization is sufficient enough. If there is a separate sub-forum for cosmetics, people can argue it for communities, friends, preferences, etc like in the MCC discord.

    Java doesn't have dedicated cosmetic developers. There's only 3 developers right now, one's focusing on clans + bedrock, another on a new gamemode, and the last on miscellaneous game updates.

    Most of the time they aren't buried as all Idea threads are guaranteed to be looked at. If you want an idea to be viewed more, I suggest trying to structure the thread as best as possible, and if the idea is good then it will get a lot of responses.
    Posted Nov 22, 2020
  5. What would other subforums be? We have one for games, kits, big ideas (general one), and game alterations. We also have one for Bedrock. Then we have a million subforums for all the types of games and their discussion, not ideas really.
    Friends, Communities, and Preferences are things I categorise into cosmetics.

    Thanks for clearing up about the developers. Cosmetic devs must have been here in the past
    To Paladise and Marzie:
    It's not only my threads. There are threads that talk about a simple tiny thing made by the perfectionists or simply by creative people that don't necessarily have an entire elaborated game idea, but rather a small opinion. Obviously a lot of people won't click on it if it's something like https://www.mineplex.com/threads/save-morph-preferences.169453/ or https://www.mineplex.com/threads/remove-flower-pot-death-effect.166824/. They are simple one paragraph ideas that don't need responses from everybody - a poll is enough. That is going to get buried; nobody will post to it because there's nothing to add. It's a simple yes or no. Maybe a proper response from a feedback collector or QA. And yet they don't really get that, they don't get a solid response.

    On the contrary, while you're discussing posts like https://www.mineplex.com/threads/could-there-be-a-afk-lobby-like-hypixel.168633/unread, it's going to get attention and discussion from a lot of people because this is an actual discussion, not a matter of changing a single cosmetic or preference or removing some. And these threads (not this one specifically) are the ones that get labelled very quickly, even if the matter isn't a simple black and white for the server.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Nov 22, 2020
  6. I personally would be in support of this if the forums were in need of another subforum. What I mean by this is that currently, the General Idea subforum is fine in my opinion. It's pretty well organized and I don't think this is to blame for the lack of engagement in the threads you provided. The forums are a place for larger discussion beyond things like discord, and I think that no matter what idea is being provided needs a poll alone, as most ideas I see on the Forums are in need of some critiquing.

    Another thing I wanted to critique is that the name "Cosmetic Ideas/Alteracations" is not a good term for putting preferences, communities and friends under, as those are not cosmetics. General Idea generally fits these features better. I also wouldn't see a need for general idea discussion anymore as with your proposed idea 6 out of the 8 ideas in the General Ideas subforum would now be categorized under your proposition. I provided a picture below that is the current ideas in the general ideas subforum, which would now most likely go under the "Cosmetic Ideas/Alterations" subforum you have proposed.

    In the end, I just don't see much of a need for this subforum, and I think overall this would just be a renaming for the general ideas subforum, which I disagree with as most of the features you provided are not cosmetics. -1
    Posted Nov 22, 2020
  7. That wasn't my genuine name idea for it; I understand what you mean though. If there was to be a subforum it could just be called "Small Suggestions" or something. That would mean moreso what I am trying to get across
    I know a lot of ideas need critiquing, but you can't argue that a thread describing the anti-cheat, rules, removal of an entire game, etc, warrants the same amount of discussion as a thread regarding the removal of a single death effect if it wasn't controversial already, or a suggestion for a preference that was completely overlooked, like, for an example, imagine content creators were not able to disable hub games in lobby and someone suggested that. There would not be pages of responses analysing the discrepancies of such an addition. Posts like "This idea is very good! +1" is not discussion.

    Thank you for your feedback!
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Nov 22, 2020
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  8. It would end up matching our Discord/Trello board. Cosmetics, Social, Hub, Stats and Misc. These have changed many times before so these might not even stay for long either.
    Posted Nov 22, 2020
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  9. Ah, ok. Thanks for clarifying :) So in that case is there no possibility of even a "Small Suggestions" type subforum that will arch over all of that (so I can lock my thread if no)? I know on the Enjin forums there was a forum like that similar in name.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Nov 22, 2020
  10. "Small Suggestions" wouldn't fit at all and would be confusing to have, so gonna go with no.
    Posted Nov 22, 2020
  11. Ok thanks! That wasn't the name I had in mind but just something along those lines. I know the word Suggestions was in the name for that subforum. Going to lock the thread now
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Nov 22, 2020
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