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In Discussion Add OP Bridges as a Permanent Game

Discussion in 'New Game Discussion' started by Amren, Oct 16, 2018.

  1. Add OP Bridges as a Permanent Game

    I know that OP Bridges was made for the weekend brawl in 2016, but the game made a return back in July of this year and many players such as myself actually enjoyed the game. I very rarely play public games if ever, but this game had me (and many others) playing public games and actually enjoying it for the first time in years. So, why did I find myself playing pub games for the first time in years because of this game? Well, this game is much more fast-paced, less RNG-based, and way more balanced. How? The OP version is much more fast-paced than the normal version of Bridges since the time for the bridges to spawn is 5 minutes rather than 10 minutes. It's also more fast-paced since you don't have to wait to regen, you just eat a gapple and run into the next fight at full health. It also cuts out the RNG-based mining phase out, there's RNG to enchantments too, but it's definitely much more manageable than someone having full diamond while you have 1 piece of diamond gear. I'd also personally take having to enchant gear for 5 minutes and have everything that I need from the start than mining around praying that I will get as much diamonds as the other team. There's also the fact that it's way more balanced for both competitive and public games since you spawn in with equal resources rather than having RNG-based mining with inconsistent and unreliable orespawn. Also cleaning up is a significantly smaller issue in OP Bridges as well due to the fact you spawn in with 10 golden apples making it easier to regain hearts after fights. Sometimes in normal Bridges, you'll play a 30-minute just to have your game end in you dying because they Berserker leap on you and clean you up, but this isn't much of an issue in OP Bridges. The game did have a few bugs, but most of the issues with the game could easily be fixed with a few changes to bugs such as the Bomber glitch. Adding this game would probably help get lots of players interested in Bridges again since it would be new and more fun to play on. Overall, I'd say adding this game would be a perfect way for trying to bring back the player counts on Mineplex since it was an enjoyable and unique game mode. There are a few suggestions that I have to change to the game as well:

    KIT CHANGES (Fixes kits to be more suitable for the OP version of Bridges)

    - Berserker - Leap cooldown increased to 20 seconds. Spawns in with a diamond axe instead of a stone axe.
    - Appler - Apple damage is increased to 5 damage per apple.
    - Miner - Kit is removed and replaced with a kit called "Enchanter" that starts out with an extra stack of exp bottles and has haste 2.
    - Archer - Starts out with a stack of string and a stack of arrows. (Everything else on the kit stays the same.) Make sure that rods are not craftable in OP Bridges before adding this.
    - Brawler - Spawns in with a diamond sword with sharpness 1 rather than an iron sword.
    - Destructor - 15-second decrease on seismic charges cool down. This makes Seismic Charges spawn every 25 seconds.


    - Anvils are added back in your hotbar when you spawn in.
    - Axe enchants are removed and replaced with Sword enchants, this makes it so you can enchant diamond axes with sharpness. (Not sure if possible, IF NOT give Berserkers sharpness 1 axes at the start of the game.)
    - Bridges are no longer breakable. (Mining blocks on the bridge, Bombing the bridge, and Destructor pearling the bridge don't break the bridge.)
    - Bomber TNT glitch fixed by making damage not displayed on your experience bar in OP Bridges.
    - Experience earned is doubled in the OP version. This gives people more of a reason to play these games in public lobbies.
    Posted Oct 16, 2018
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  2. Hello!

    I definitely agree with this idea, a +1 from me. It would bring a lot of players that play Bridges back to the community as well bring back old members. It was a good mirror of a game that was really great. The only thing that would tweak up this idea is changing apple kit is a bit. I think that the 5 damage is alright but instead of getting apples like the usual 1 apple for every 10 seconds, perhaps changing it to 15 or 20 seconds for every apple. To just balance out the damage for Apple kit if someone gets a bad enchantment cycle. Anyways a really great idea!

    Have a wonderful day!
    Posted Oct 16, 2018
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  3. Hey there!

    I think the thing that makes OP Bridges so special and enjoyable is the fact that it is an LTM. If it were to be a permanent game, I feel like it would draw so much attention for a certain amount of time then people will lose interest after a couple months. I agree that it is a very fun game mode, but I feel like modes such as that need to continue to be released for a certain amount of time then taken away again. I feel like having OP bridges as a permanent mode would also make a competition between that and normal Bridges. Bridges games require 20 people before it starts counting down, and it may be hard for regular Bridges to start matches as everyone will be playing OP Bridges.

    Thanks! :)
    Posted Oct 16, 2018
  4. No, already denied by Production. Splitting player base is bad.
    Posted Oct 16, 2018
  5. You obviously did not read any of my points at all if you think it was only popular because it was a special event. I do admit that a small portion of the reason that it was so successful was due to it being a special event, but there are several points I made in my original post that talks about how it's better than normal Bridges and deserves to be a permanent game. There's a reason why after OP Bridges was gone that the weekend brawl died off. The kits weren't even adjusted for the OP game mode, imagine if the kits were actually fixed for the OP version. "Splitting player base" should not be an issue considered for a game that gets a slowly declining 30-50 players at prime time hours, they should be looking to grow not keep the games all the same in hopes that one day it will get popular again out of nowhere. Trying new things is the best way to get players back into the game, I don't want to login every day and play the same dried up and old game that hasn't changed in years. For the past 2 years+, I've had 0 reason to ever get on Mineplex to play public games because everything is the same. At this point, there's no reason to continue to play safe with player count, they need to act now and add things that players like and at least adding this would give people a little bit of faith in Mineplex. If players want to play OP Bridges and normal Bridges dies off, there's nothing wrong with that, it just proves my point that OP Bridges is a a good permanent game. Releasing a fresh version of a popular game mode is more likely to attract players to Mineplex than the normal Bridges that has not changed in years.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Oct 16, 2018
  6. Hey there,

    I'd like to clarify that I read through the post thoroughly, but still stick to my original thought. Adding an extra alternative to Bridges will draw attention to the new game, which then brings more difficult choices to the networks leadership team. In my opinion, it's best to keep it as an LTM. That way it can be more enjoyable and a lot more easier for Mineplex to operate.
    Posted Oct 16, 2018
  7. Why don't you enlighten me on how this is an actual issue? How do the negatives outweigh the positives of adding this game? Why should we continue to rely on a gamemode (Normal Bridges) that has not changed in years? Why is bringing attention to a server that's declining a bad thing? Hard decisions? Such as what? "In my opinion, it's best to keep it as an LTM. That way it can be more enjoyable and a lot more easier for Mineplex to operate." So you're commending them for being lazy and not trying to bring something new into the server? If they want to be the best server and bring in the most money, they have to work for it and earn it. Why should they continue to hide a game that has potential rather than trying to release it?
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Oct 16, 2018
  8. It's 100% a really fun game. I'm hoping the events team will play it more often in the future for sure, as its really the only way to make sure games are starting for it. We'll look and see what we can do about ideas like this in the future when it comes to not only playing it but tracking stats for it and stuff as well.
    Posted Oct 17, 2018
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  9. I love this, got a chance to play OP Bridges in july and it's one of the best games I've played on Mineplex, way more fun than the normal Bridges because of it's very fast paced and long gameplay.
    Looking forward to see how this suggestion goes.

    Posted Oct 17, 2018
  10. Ehhh. I feel it'd wear off the hype quickly. But just my two cents on it.
    Posted Oct 17, 2018
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  11. Hello there!

    I remember that when I first played the OP Bridges back in like the summer of 2016. I do really enjoy playing The Bridges with the OP version because it is fun and playable. Although, we also host the events and play OP Bridges too that is done by the Events team. This game is a little bit quicker than the normal one as well, and I will look forward to it.
    Posted Oct 18, 2018
  12. Uhhhh kinda in the middle here since I'm all for new games and whatnot. But how do you know that this is not gonna end up like Strike Games though? I mean, both games were extremely popular during BRAWL weekends, yet when Strike Games came out with its own version of the game, the success lasted close to a month, probably not even.
    Not saying adding this is a bad idea, I'm just trying to figure out how having this as a fully released game for the server is going to be a 100% success and not a "disaster" like Strike Games, since money and time should be spent into the development of this game (with all its new alterations that you brought up).

    Might as well say goodbye to the regular version then lol
    Posted Oct 19, 2018
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  13. I think I remember you saying at first you wouldn't like OP bridges as a permanent game back on enjin. Why the sudden change of opinion?
    Posted Oct 19, 2018
  14. Well, I do not remember when did I say I did not like the OP Bridges on the Enjin. Probably I was not interested back then I think. Now that I started to get used to the OP Bridges, I found out that I like it.
    Posted Oct 19, 2018
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