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Not Planned Age Limit for Posting on the Forums

Discussion in 'Website Feedback' started by Jaek, Jun 15, 2019.

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  1. Hello all.

    Today, I'm suggesting that we place an age limit on users that can post on the forums. Implementing this would help increase the maturity in posts and prevent any little kids spamming the forums with unneeded and unwanted posts or threads. The age limit I'm suggesting is that anyone under the age of eleven cannot create threads, comment on them, or view them. They can still post on walls and in Groups.

    This combats post boosting as many older users most likely wouldn't purposefully post boost, but still are subject to do so. This would also protect any young users coming across an inappropriate topic that isn't filtered. They would be scarred and might not return to Mineplex.

    Many would argue that there are still users under the age of eleven that can still be mature and I agree with that. But, if they complain that they are mature enough to have access to the forums, then they probably aren't mature enough. Those that don't complain about it show their maturity by waiting until they are eleven and telling the truth about their age.

    Nowadays, numerous amounts of social media platforms are implementing age limits, like Discord, Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram. Discord's Terms of Service states that you must be thirteen years of age to use their application, and I think we should also implement something similar to this.

    I think some kind of age limit would help the forums become a nicer, cleaner place.

    Let me know what you think! ;)

    Edit: I made the age 11+ to include some more users as there are quite a few 11 year olds that I know are mature.
    Posted Jun 15, 2019,
    Last edited Jun 15, 2019
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  2. Hello, hello!

    Personally, I'm not a fan of this idea if for no other reason that Mineplex is a network for all ages and excluding our younger players may not be in the best interests of our community. The forums are intended to be a discussion platform for all our players, not a select few, and this just feels like a step in the wrong direction.

    Even if this were to be implemented, users would inherently lie about their ages to participate in the forums. The sad reality of the internet is that people can get away with lying very easily, and if anything this would only encourage our users to do so.
    Posted Jun 15, 2019
  3. I feel as though this is very restrictive and unnecessary. Why should we restrict who can post on our forums? I personally don't know anyone that young that posts here consistently, but there definitely may be some. We have an entire forums team working to ensure that no one post boosts, causes drama, etc. on our forums. I don't feel like restricting peoples thoughts, idea, and censoring them because they are <12 years old is the route to go. We don't require grammar on our forums, so there isn't really any issue with players who are younger posting on our forums. As long as they contribute to discussions, and be appropriate throughout, then there really isn't any issues.

    Along with what Classy has said, this wouldn't exactly prevent people from lying about their ages to gain access to post on the forums. That would create an entirely new issue and one that would be far more difficult to deal with. This will be a -1 from me. Interesting idea, but I just don't ever see this happening.
    Posted Jun 15, 2019
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  4. Hey!

    Even though I do agree with you that the issue of post boosting is major on the forums, I have to disagree with the idea. I definitely respect you and your opinion though.

    Firstly, if you look at public demographics of the network (In-game, forums, Discord, etc), the overall player base is pretty young. I can take a simple guess that the average is in between eleven and thirteen. It’s Minecraft, a game for all ages. But the game is leaning towards younger users. Also, lying can be a major issue.

    Let me discuss some points made in your thread.

    In my opinion, I haven’t seen too many unnecessary threads being posted. They are usually deleted quickly. With unwanted posts, I do see it sometimes.

    With the inability of creating threads, posts, or view them, this can cause major problems. For example, what if someone who was ten years old needed help? They can’t create a thread in the help section, so how would we know?

    The Mineplex forums isn’t a social media platform. The only reason why these platforms you’ve stated implement an age restriction is because what could happen. There are many different inappropriate situations that I shall not name that happen on there. On Mineplex, this doesn’t happen (from my knowledge).

    Overall, the forums from its rules is already clean. Instead of adding an age requirement which would wipe a bunch of forums users, what about we make post boosting a bit more strict? The forums is a great place and the forums team does their jobs well.
    Posted Jun 15, 2019
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  5. Okay, so the typical reason of why I absolutely dislike this idea, is because everyone deserves a voice in things, no matter their ***-ual orientation, age group, ethnicity, personality, etc. I feel that every user on Mineplex deserves a part in something, no matter what. But you know, that's my opinion. I just feel like this idea isn't really ideal for the community, to be honest. Minecraft is obviously a kids game, and without a place for them to report hackers, get help or even communicate off topic things isn't really going to work out, but rather cause severe ruckus on Mineplex's popularity. We need to be like parents, since we are setting a high example at their learning state. They deserve premium quality, just as any player needs!

    I probably edited this comment like, 12 times, just to make sure I'm clear! Lol
    Posted Jun 15, 2019
  6. I am with you on the part where they might pollute the forums, minors are more prone to doing these kind of things due to immaturity from young age, and where they can still post on walls and groups as you do not need to be as formal/serious there. The only thing I would change is set the forums to 11+. If I remember correctly, there was an 11-year-old that got accepted as a staff member and that proves you can indeed still be vary mature despite your age.

    I agree with this part as well. Younger users are more likely to post boost. Most of them are only really posting on the forums to get on the leaderboard (I will not name any names) and often lack quality.

    I would more so say that graphic topics will scar young audiences. They are the stuff you see in rated R movies and have an 18+ age limit.

    Again, I would change the age limit to 11+. Terms used to insult someone's maturity is mainly calling them a 10-year-old or younger. I also would not say respectfully debating about the age limit is immature. They are still young and may not understand a lot and it is okay to ask why.

    True, but it is because they are more vulnerable to inappropriate content and there are already much older users on there. Minecraft has mostly teens and kids playing so it is less likely minors would be exposed to anything graphic.


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    Posted Jun 15, 2019
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  7. Hi

    I’m not a fan of this idea at all.

    Back in the days when I was 11, I used to post on the Mineplex Enjin forums all the time asking for advice, sharing my thoughts and opinions, making friends and more. I never once broke any sort of forums rule (or any rule at all to be honest) and I was very mature for my age. If I was unable to post on the forums back then, I can guarantee I wouldn’t have stuck around for as long as I have. I would have been too confused as to how Mineplex worked in-game because I used to ask a LOT of questions about it. I would bring up my old Enjin account so you could get an idea on how 11 year olds post, but as it was shared with my cousin I think he deactivated it a while ago. You also have to take into account that just because some younger children are immature it doesn’t mean that they all are? I don’t know any 11 year olds other than @SpikeCreates (a former Builder and an aspiring Trainee) that are active on the forums, but in-game I can tell you that for the most part they are kind and respectable; Usually more so than the older players. As a Staff member, I have a lot of exposure to the positive and negative sides of the Mineplex community and I can guarantee what I have just said.

    As stated previously, the forums have a team of Forum Moderators and Forum Ninjas who are always here to look over what is happening and punish anyone breaking any website rules. They are here to make sure it doesn’t happen. If you see any rules being broken on the forums use the report button for them to be aware ASAP.

    Posted Jun 15, 2019
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  8. This is certainly an interesting discussion.

    The main point I have is that although a lot of the community are older, there are many younger players on Mineplex. Younger players are a large target audience and especially more on Bedrock. Minecraft has a varied target audience, but a large percentage of that is quite young. I definitely don't think that as many of them use the forums as some older users, but I don't think that they should be limited from using the website. It would be highly discouraging for one of them to join and to then not be allowed to do much. Regardless, these things are easily bypassed and I doubt that those under the age limit would even input their correct age.

    This is a safe environment for all sorts of individuals to communicate and express their opinions. One of my favourite things about Mineplex is the community. As a community, we should all participate in discussions and be able to enjoy all the features Mineplex has to offer.

    Personally, I haven't seen too much immaturity on the forums. Not to the extent that an age limit should be enforced. If this was a huge issue, then first of all I'd say that the rules would have to be tightened more before an age limit was enforced, but that's not even the case. You're always going to get immature people or people who don't participate much to a discussion.

    Overall, I don't really see the point. If it was enforced then it's unlikely that users would even input their correct age, therefore making it useless.
    Posted Jun 15, 2019
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  9. Jesus, my account is set to 7, i am doomed
    Posted Jun 15, 2019
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  10. Was it by accident? If so, be sure to submit a support ticket here and they'll get it sorted out for you.
    Posted Jun 15, 2019
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  11. As if any kid would listen to this if it were introduced. You're supposed to be 13+ to make a YouTube account but that never stopped me, and millions of others.
    Posted Jun 15, 2019
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  12. I mostly agree with this idea. I have seen a lot of immature posts on here, more than the previous forums. This is most likely because this site is a lot more user friendly and younger users find it more approachable. I think making it 11+ is a good idea too as there are some mature 11 year olds but I've never seen a mature 9 or 10 year old.

    I think I was pretty mature when I was younger, a bit above average (I started doing online gaming at 7 and I never gave out any personal information and was very safe) and I started becoming mature enough to participate in a forum constructively at around age 11.

    One thing is that I don't really know if the problem is the people under 11 years old, as I haven't seen any. Maybe they've hidden their age, but I don't know if getting rid of them will really make the forums more constructive. It's very possible some of the immature posts may also have been made by older kids who are immature for their age.

    Another issue is that it will be quite difficult to enforce. It's not that hard to lie about your age and make it a few years above your actual age. I can't really think of many ways to find out the person's real age that isn't ***bersome. The only ideas I have are a voice test (which will have to be done manually by a staff member which will be ***bersome) and having a parent signature or something (which can be forged).

    Overall I think this is a good idea, but I don't know how the implementation will work.
    Posted Jun 15, 2019
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  13. I can see the motivation for something like this, but I disagree. Putting aside the fact that kids can just lie about their age and bypass something like this, I don't think this is the way to go. Mineplex has always catered to a younger audience (for better or worse), and It wouldn't be very smart to censor those who make up our target audience. Now, I do agree that there has been an influx of mediocre quality threads, but if they aren't able to put their ideas out here and receive the criticism they need, the quality of their ideas is never going to improve.

    Would also like to mention that there are very few forums users under age 11 that I notice making threads here, so even if this was implemented and people actually followed it, I doubt it would have much impact.
    Posted Jun 15, 2019,
    Last edited Jun 15, 2019
  14. Hey there! This is an interesting idea, but I think it's unfounded.

    Everyone should have the option to enjoy Mineplex, regardless of their age. This would include the server, discord, forums, or any third-party app Mineplex uses. One thing I think is really cool about this community is the ability to share and discuss questions and ideas openly to get feedback. This would prevent this welcoming discussion for the players at a younger age.

    The forums also contain a lot of useful information, specifically in the Mineplex Guides section which would become inaccessible to younger players. There's no reason they shouldn't be able to have their questions answered because of their age.

    Furthermore, it is up to the forum moderators to ensure that the rules are being followed. Putting measures in place to prevent posting and even viewing of threads to reduce post boosting seems like it would cause more harm than good.

    As mentioned before, this would be easily bypassed which isn't ideal. Players could simply lie about their age like I'm sure most of the people reading this have done before to avoid age-restriction. Overall, I get where you are coming from, but I don't think this is the answer.
    Posted Jun 15, 2019
  15. Heyo!

    This is definitely something that can have 2 sides to it. In my opinion, having an age restriction on the forums is a positive and negative decision:

    + This age restriction could possibly reduce the amount of spam and troll posts on the forums as young users are more likely to break rules as they are not interested in reading over pages of guidelines or even following them in the first place. This would also help younger members of the community avoid inappropriate or mature discussions on the forums, if this was to occur.

    - Mineplex is meant to be a community for all ages, a place to talk amongst different users from all backrounds. Having an age restriction would ruin this core element of the network and would overall, not benefit the younger audiences. Not all of youthful members here at Mineplex are immature and this would therefore be unfair for them. This would also make the younger users feel left out from the community, like they are not included.

    Interesting post, have a great day!
    Posted Jun 15, 2019
  16. Don't forget @BasicT. Also, I'm twelve @StephenTries
    Posted Jun 15, 2019,
    Last edited Jun 15, 2019
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  17. Wouldn't it be extremely easy to put in a fake birthday and age?
    Posted Jun 15, 2019
  18. Yeah I mean I remember when I was 8 years old and made my first forum account, I set my age to 99. And i'm sure many other kids like me would have done the same.
    Posted Jun 15, 2019
  19. Hey, there!

    Firstly, I'd like to voice my one and only true opinion about this: I completely disagree with this idea. I have been on Mineplex since I was eight years of age and on the forums since I was nine years of age. Personally, I had some of the best times on the forums, being able to voice my opinions, ask for help, etc. I feel as if there are a bunch of kids out there who are under the age of eleven who aren't immature. @BasicT, @SpikeCreates, and I aren't teenagers yet, and I feel as if we are definitely mature enough to read, write, debate, etc. here on the forums. Surely, we're not younger than eleven but still, we're in the same age group.

    I feel as if there are a lot of players out there who create and imagine. I'd like to take @Cupi Wupi as an example, he's currently ten years of age and as a friend of his I can tell he has potential towards this server. He creates ideas and skins and does a bunch of great stuff, it'd be a shame if he couldn't create a thread or comment on a thread. I myself haven't seen any immaturity going on here at Mineplex, as we speak there are multiple children who haven't reached the age of eleven yet and multiple of them are doing great things.

    Years have gone by and on the Enjin forums kids who aren't eleven got to voice opinions, comment, etc. I don't want this freedom to be taken away. Also, if there is immaturity spreading the forum moderators are always there to handle situations professionally and make sure things are going right. As a youngster, I say we let the young ones speak, -1 from me.
    Posted Jun 15, 2019
  20. I would have to disagree with this idea, as I am quite young but not that young.

    If I joined the forums when I first joined Mineplex I would probably be 8-9 years old. If this rule were implemented then, I would feel restricted and not be fully apart of the community or at least not have to choice to be. Although I didn’t even talk online back then, if I wanted to, there’d always be a choice and that’s what I like about Mineplex currently as it is community based.

    Just the fact of waiting until your twelfth birthday, (I’m turning thirteen in five days so this doesn’t affect me anymore,) means that players would have to wait years just to post a suggestion and it could possibly be forgotten and it could’ve been a creative idea.

    Another point that was brought up earlier in this thread is that it could contribute to more lying of age. Five and six year olds probably would not proceed to do this as they don’t know any better, but users who are nine or ten would probably do this and say that they are fifteen just to use the forums.
    Posted Jun 15, 2019
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