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Not Planned All Kits Free for a Weekend

Discussion in 'General Idea Discussion' started by maevestarbaby, Jan 23, 2021.

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  1. it's not useful to me. i have well over a million gems.
    Posted Jan 26, 2021
  2. That is true. This is something I have suggested in the past although it seems like it is something they are not too keen on. If you play enough you can accumulate enough gems for any kits you want. I a few hundred thousand and I am just a casual player, although I have not had to spend any money on kits due to my original purchase of Ultra. Should people play enough they can get millions and get any kits they want.
    Posted Jan 26, 2021
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  3. This idea is not for you, it is for new players
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jan 26, 2021
  4. An interesting suggestion, but I don't find this too necessary. For starters, kits are generally pretty easy to obtain since they only cost gems which isn't too difficult to get. Most veteran players already have every kit, so this would only be useful for newer players but even in that case I don't find this that beneficial. For achievement kits that are hard to obtain, this would be cool but people that already have them -- it would ruin the special feeling that you get for completing all the achievements. Thanks for the suggestion!

    - Lucas
    Posted Jan 26, 2021
  5. Well, I think making it so that achievement kits would be an exception to this.
    Posted Jan 27, 2021
  6. I think having achievement kits open for a weekend would encourage people to strive for them. Yes, players who have the achievement kits work hard for them, but unlocking them for a weekend wouldn't devalue them, since the achievements are still required to have the kits permanently. I have all of the achievements for Castle Siege, and I wouldn't feel cheated or anything along those lines if the kits were unlocked for everyone for a weekend; the ReviveCS community actually has an upgrade for all kits unlocked (including achievement kits) in our MCS so that all players can enjoy them.

    I think this idea would be fun, especially for casual players who haven't gotten the chance to grind for any achievement kits yet! +1
    Posted Jan 27, 2021
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  7. I didn't think like that! I hope these ideas get added tbh.
    Posted Jan 27, 2021
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  8. Hey friend! After thorough discussion within the MCC, we've decided to deny this idea for the following reasons:
    • This isn't really a pressing issue within our server. Sure, new players won't have a lot of kits due to a lack of gems, but there are several ways to get gems quickly and easily on the server. The gem economy is already extremely saturated, and earning gem kits is not difficult at the moment, even for a new player.
    • Newer players are not supposed to have all the kits. Yes- I understand that it's for a very short period of time, but regardless of the time period, the entire point of kits as a whole is to work hard in order to earn these powerful kits. Many players have played for several months, many have played for years even, in order to get achievement kits in various games, and allowing everyone to have all of them all at the same time would devalue these kits completely.
    • Players already have ways to know what others kits do. Players can gain knowledge and experience on what other kits do based on other players in the game using these kits. Going back to my first point, if you like what you see in other kits and would like to try them out, you should need to work hard and gain those gems and achievements legit so that you can have the privilege of using them.
    • This feature would cause server-wide meta change. If all of a sudden all kits are available for everyone, some games would change entirely. For instance, one example is dragon escape. There will be tons of players flocking to the achievement kit to try it out, and with this many diggers in the game, the gameplay won't be fun for anyone with constant blocks being placed in front of them. Another example is Sneaky Assassins, with every player using briber, the game would lose enjoyment for the period of time that everyone has every kit.
    Throughout all of the reasons listed above, compared to the small bonus that this idea would bring, it's simply not worth the time to implement into the game. Thanks for posting, and have a great day!

    Thread Locked>>Idea Not Planned
    Posted Jan 28, 2021
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