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In Discussion Alternated Skyblock?

Discussion in 'New Game Discussion' started by Paige_1001, Mar 25, 2019.

  1. I’ve been on Minecraft for over 5 years. What I’ve noticed over the years of playing servers, is people like to build, survive, and like change. I feel skyblock should be added. Skyblock is a super simple game to make (I know from experience).
    With Skyblock, it isn’t a game that ends in a few minutes like the other games. It would keep bringing players back.
    Posted Mar 25, 2019
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  2. A lot of popular servers seem to be faction/prisons/Skyblock servers so maybe this would work
    Posted Mar 25, 2019
  3. I mean mineplex's version of factions clans has been poorly managed with currently no updates being released in over three months. It seems like mineplex doesn't have the capabilities to run a large scale long term game well.
    Posted Mar 25, 2019
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  4. Personally, I'm not sure if Skyblock would really fit the type of games Mineplex usually offers. It may be fun, but Skyblock seems like it's own independent thing that would fit best as it's own server. not as apart of a Minigames server. Therefore, going to disagree with this idea.
    Well, clans updates also take a lot of time. It's a very long-term thing to keep updated. Skyblock, unless it's coded in an entirely unique way, would take fewer resources to keep running. Clans is a special snowflake and it's not really fair to compare the two, imo.
    Posted Mar 25, 2019
  5. But why not make it so it fits with their style? Change the game up a little bit.
    --- Post updated ---
    We need more games. More games = More activity.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Mar 25, 2019
  6. This is simply not true. If we have more good games, it might translate to more activity, but just adding any random game won't make players come to MP. I think that right now, we should focus on adding more short term gamemodes, seeing as how our long term ones have historically not done very well. (Gem Hunters, Clans, etc)
    Posted Mar 25, 2019
  7. Considering how there are entire servers dedicated to Skyblock, and how the game doesn’t really fit into what Mineplex offers, I don’t think that adding it would be that good of an idea. We try to keep Mineplex as simplistic with gamemodes as possible, and I don’t think that Skyblock would really contribute to that. Yes, we could try changing it up a bit to fit into the Mineplex mold, however in the end it’s still Skyblock and if you want to play the game it’s best you look on other servers.
    Posted Mar 25, 2019
  8. As Umbreon said, there are whole servers for Skyblock. Mineplex as far as I know (correct me if I'm wrong) is known as most of a minigame server, so having this might not exactly work for bringing people back. I dont really think it could fit in the Mineplex "criteria" for games because by then it might just be a completely new game. Good idea though, keep it up!
    Posted Mar 25, 2019

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