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Animation Contest

Discussion in 'Forum Discussion' started by Sorhu, Feb 18, 2021.

  1. Mineplex Community,

    This is my first time creating a thread, but hopefully not the last. A few months ago I had an idea; One that would potentially double our playerbase in a couple weeks, if all goes well. This idea has been growing on me, so I decided to create my first thread dedicated to it. A few months ago I was thinking about how huge Hypixel’s playerbase is, and why. It came to me ( after watching some Black Plasma Studios Animations ) that they had superior publicity as far as advertising goes. I mean, how many countless youtubers have created Hypixel content? So, I thought to my self on this, and I came to a conclusion-We need to do something that absolutely screams Mineplex to the world. Here’s the Idea.

    Mineplex hosts an animation event ( for both Bedrock and Java ) serverwide as a whole ( this means a unity between Java and Bedrock never seen since the Alpha days of Mineplex ). Anyone can compete, and prizes will be given to first, second, and third place ( not pathetic prizes either, I was thinking 6 months of immortal for first, a new tag that will be given to first second and third places, ten omega chests, and three 24 hour exp boosters. Second place might recieve 4 months of immortal along with 5 omega chests, the tag, and 2 expboosters, and third could get 3 months of immortal, 2 omega chests, and the tag ). Anyone who competes could be given a special particle set ( I was thinking something dark blue and black ). The event would last for 6 months, and at the end all the animations would be community judged on the forums. First, second, and third place animations should be uploaded on the Mineplex Youtube Channel and serverwide recognition of the players that created the animations. 2d or 3d animations could both be acceptable, as long as the animation is appropriate for all audiences, apolitical, non-derogatory and mineplex related. I personally believe that ths would be an amazing way to reinforce the cohesion of the Mineplex community through a productive, fun project to do with your Minecraft friends. Plus, who doesn’t like a funny movie? Let me know what you guys think in the comments! There are no dumb responses!

    Find me on MineStrike sometime, we’ll have a blast,
    Posted Feb 18, 2021,
    Last edited Feb 18, 2021
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  2. Wow! That's actually a really good idea! I was in-the-head scriptwriting a Mineplex cake wars film about a week ago, so it's coincidental that you were thinking about a contest for that kind of stuff! XD
    I totally agree with you about the whole thing. It would be awesome if Mineplex decided to host this! Six months is also a very reasonable time to make an animation, -(and finish learning how to do it in my case)!
    Question now: what animation did you have in mind for the contest? 3D or 2D? because 3D is WAY harder that 2D and would take longer for people to complete,-(although six months should be enough)
    Posted Feb 18, 2021
  3. Thanks for responding so quickly! You should apply for forum ninja :). It could be 2d or 3d. Only rules are that it is mineplex related, non-derogatory, apolitical, and appropriate for all audiences. Feel free to be creative too!
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Feb 18, 2021
  4. This is actually a really unique and interesting idea. You are completely right - Hypixel's Marketing Team is something else and Mineplex completely lacks any form of advertisement nowadays. Although I don't think an animation contest advertising Mineplex would double the current player base, I think it would be a fun thing to host and hopefully might bring at least a small bit of traction to the server.

    I'd also like to mention that since there aren't that many community members that know how to animate let alone do it for free for a contest as it's a pretty big skill on its own, maybe a general art contest where players can not only animate but draw or model something they would like that could advertise mp a little bit. Entries could be submitted through Twitter with a hashtag that could advertise it a bit too.

    You should message someone on the Community Management team and possible propose the idea. I would say to simply create it yourself but it would be difficult to get the contest out there for everyone to see unless it was properly announced by somebody higher, so I suggest that^^
    Posted Feb 18, 2021
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  5. cool beans
    Posted Feb 18, 2021
  6. Thanks for looking at my thread! Maevestarbaby your right, it might not double the playerbase :sheepish: but it could help get MPlex more popular as a server. I am aware that not everybody knows how to animate ( myself included ) but it could be fun learning how. As for the Community Management team, I have no idea how to reach out to them, I just made my forums account yersterday :sheepish:. This was just an idea I had that I wanted to share with the server-take it for what it’s worth.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Feb 18, 2021
  7. Yes, and for those wondering HOW to animate, I highly suggest using the free website 'Scratch', or the free 3D/2D animation software Blender! Youtube is also great for learning these kinds of things!
    Posted Feb 18, 2021
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  8. I definitely would join!
    Posted Feb 18, 2021
  9. About that CW movie, whats the plot? You’ve got me interested now.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Feb 18, 2021
  10. Well, I haven't worked out the kinks completely and there's a chance this is going to sound cringy, but I was thinking it would be about a player who was new to mineplex, hoping to be a pro. The whole network would look like earth, and 'newborn players' or noobs, would appear on these special platforms. Once in the network, they would be allowed to explore and grow by buying essentials, -(Ie food, armor, weapons) with shards, which are collected every time they become better at fighting, which is the center of everyone's attention. The newbies' train and train to move on from the 'casual' games to the hardcore. They can train by entering the gladiator arena, where instructors watch as they fight against other training noobs.
    The main character, Dhalia12(right now a girl but may change) is super eager to go off and play in the legendary game called 'Cakewars' and become a legend like all of her role models but has the weakest abilities of all the other training players. One day when she gets horribly crushed during a training session, her peers chase her off and she winds up in a part of Mineplex she's never been to before. Lines of doors with different symbols spread out in front of her, and the players entering them are advanced. Curious, she ventures into one marked 'community' when the security team is not looking, where thousands of players are lounging around chatting to one another. A random person comes up to her and asks her if she's interested in joining their party, thinking that Dhalia is a good player, like everyone else. Dhalia, eager to change things up, agrees and presses the green button that the player is holding out. Immediately she is transported to a pre-game room, where three players in purple armor are waiting for her. She finds out she's wearing the same armor, thus marking her as a member of their party. When the game starts, players step through different team-marked doors and enter floating islands, where they have to compete to eat each other's life sources. Dhalia is completely overwhelmed, knowing how to do none of it, and when her team armor clicks in place, she's ready to leave. But the doors are gone and the game has started.
    Long story short, she causes their team to lose, and the player who invited her erases her from the party, and she is sent back to the lobby where her instructors are furious at her having run off and trespassed into the wrong sector. They put her on a temporary 'ban' where she is forbidden to leave the training area, and there she loses all hope of ever becoming something great. That's when she meets someone who isn't a noob, a player who is using their training fields for some practice. They strike up a deal. He'll teach her how to become a pro at Cakewars so she can get past the humiliation of her first time playing, and in return, she won't tell her instructors that he is using their gladiator fields.
    The two of them train hard, and finally, on her final fighting exam, she passes to the amazement of her peers. Together she and her friend move on to cake wars duos to make a name for themselves, but something goes wrong. One of her old teammates finds out about her being promoted and seeks to ruin her gameplay, by cheating the system. The finale comes when Dhalia, her friend, and two new people she picks up on the way join a game and have to face off with her enemies. The battle is long and when cake rot comes, everyone gets closed off except for Dhalia and the player who hates her so much. Dhalia barely manages to defeat her enemy, and the movie ends with her and her friends, wearing first place ribbons, being applauded on the podium.
    (There are many changes to this, for instance the fact that 'good players' can't play glads, and that newbies can't use communities, but those changes are just for entertainment purposes) I guess it's kind of a weird plot but this was just what I was thinking up ;)
    Posted Feb 18, 2021
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  11. this actually sounds genuinlely interesting. I'd definitely watch this animation. If not to laugh at the plot then to possibly enjoy it?

    As for the thread itself, honestly? An animation contest would be cool and all but it'd be the equivalent of the youtube video showcase contest from a few months back. It hardly gave mineplex any publicity (if any). Maybe if someone were to post the top animations on the youtube channel? Always down to see any form of advertisement from Mineplex so +1
    Posted Feb 18, 2021
  12. Thanks! and yes, I definetly agree!
    Posted Feb 18, 2021
  13. Heyo!
    This is a pretty cool idea in my opinion. I'm not good at animation by any means, but I really hope this goes well. I think someone else mentioned this, but you should try forwarding this to a member of Community Management. Great suggestion :)
    Posted Feb 27, 2021
  14. As someone who was going to school for animation, an animation contest would be quite cool honestly. However, something like that takes a LOT of time - especially 2D frame-by-frame animation, as you're basically drawing each frame by hand. That being said, it would be cool to encourage players to learn the art of animation as it's a really interesting thing to pursue. ES sometimes does contests - ie art contests mostly - but an animation contest would take a lot of time and effort, though.
    Posted Feb 27, 2021

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