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Arcade Games In game Leaderboard

Discussion in 'Arcade Games' started by Pangaea_, May 6, 2021.

  1. This might sit better under questions, but how do players get on the in lobby leaderboard/how do those wins get counted? I can get a bunch of wins yet never see my name on any of the leaderboards. I also feel that people might get a lot of games and they may or may not be on the leaderboard. For example, Baecn is on the arcade leaderboard because he has a lot of Bacon Brawl wins which makes sense. But then Xukuwu has nearly 1800 wither assault wins and isn't on the leaderboard. Also if I win enough games to get on the weekly leaderboard I often don't show. I think it may be because team games don't count as wins? So how does it work exactly if anyone knows?
    Posted May 6, 2021
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  2. Omg haiiiiiii lol. The leaderboard in the mixed arcade lobby only shows for Bacon Brawl (bc it's the first in rotation). It doesn't update when it switches to the next game (bug) which is why I don't appear for WA.
    Posted May 6, 2021

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