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Implemented Area 51 Raid suggestion

Discussion in 'Game Alterations' started by canqda, Sep 18, 2019.

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  1. I'm seeing lots of people complain about a lot. How they have too much lag, and how the Defenders barely ever win (I for myself played 20+ games and haven't seen it once) Some people say that the grenades should be nerfed or not. My suggestion is that they decrease the players to 40 max, 10 defenders and 30 raiders. This would make it more balanced and have less lag. If you guys have any other suggestions just comment it :) Thanks!


    (edit 1)Changed and how the defenders never win to and how the raiders barely ever win
    (edit 2)Accidently changed defenders to raiders, switched it back
    Posted Sep 18, 2019,
    Last edited Sep 18, 2019
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  2. I agree and disagree in many ways for these situations. I believe the grenades aren't even used enough (I've played 100+ games), also I believe the lag is due to so many players, so the possibility of reducing the max amount will work.
    I respect your opinions, love the suggestion *+1*
    Posted Sep 18, 2019
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  3. Okay wait a minute

    Area 51 Raid is a game??
    Posted Sep 18, 2019
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  4. Yes! came out just today, the whole lobby is changed and alien invasion is back as well!
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Sep 18, 2019
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  5. -spam-
    Posted Sep 18, 2019,
    Last edited by a Moderator Sep 18, 2019
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  6. Also maybe give the defenders knives since the guns are really inaccurate
    Posted Sep 18, 2019
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  7. This game is temporary, so it won't really change very much as it'll be going shortly anyways since it's a specific event thing! In the meantime, we'll probably nerf the rewards a tiny bit (but I'm not sure on what the objective is here!) @Gennn please don't include spam messages on the forums.

    Posted Sep 18, 2019
  8. Heyo!

    In my eyes, I do not feel that this is necessary or needed. As it says in the announcement thread, the game will be a limited time mini-game. Since the purpose of this game is just to have some fun while it is here, it does not make sense, in my opinion, to put the time of our developers to fix these small issues when they can be used much better to make sure that the experience on other games like Cake Wars, which is staying, is as best as possible. As for the other points, I enjoy having the game at 80 players, as it gives me the Castle Siege vibes, which I really enjoy! Additionally, I have won as a defender once out of the eight times that I play. While it was difficult, I would like to assure you that it is possible to do. While some of the points you make are strong, we need to realize that this is just temporary, so let's focus on having fun and the positives that this game has brought us while it is still here.
    Posted Sep 18, 2019
  9. The development team released a hotfix earlier today, which included lowering the player count from 80 to 50. Although it wasn't the desired 40 players, the number was still reduced to lower lag and adjusted the team balance to 12 defenders vs 38 raiders. Some other changes in today's update included lowering the rewards and adding a 45-second time limit to carry ET. As this update was pushed, the idea was marked as Implemented. Thanks for the suggestion!

    Thread Locked - Idea Implemented
    Posted Sep 21, 2019,
    Last edited Sep 21, 2019
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