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Discussion in 'Arts & Banner Showcase' started by Exoltic, Apr 14, 2021.

  1. Art I made before I quit bc I lost my stylus and never went back to because,,

    Me and one of my friends
    inspo was a watermelon

    Posted Apr 14, 2021,
    Last edited by a Moderator Apr 17, 2021
  2. You've got some real talent right there. I absolutely suck at drawing and I could never draw anything xD anyways, nice drawings :)
    Posted Apr 15, 2021
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  3. That's just pure awesomeness. The facial expression on the watermelon lady is a tad bit weird but art is art I guess, I really dig your style.
    Posted Apr 15, 2021
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  4. Hey there,

    These are really cool! I really like how clean you lines and shading are, it really makes the pieces pop.
    I think my favorite is the first one, the lighting and glowy parts are suuuper cool and it really makes the hair stand out. My favorite part is the lighting on the wings, very well done.
    Keep it up! Maybe we'll see more from you in the future :0
    Posted Apr 15, 2021
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  5. It’s amazing , keep drawing, get a fivverr account and sell your art also
    Posted Apr 15, 2021
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  6. Hola Exoltic!

    First off, I like your name, haha, and wow! I am really impressed with your artwork here! All of the detail that you put into these pieces are immaculate, along with the color choices. I also like how you used two different styles in your pieces to show the uniqueness of each. That really shows the talent that you have, haha. My favorite part is the teal hair and the wings on the first art piece. Overall, really good pieces and talent that you have here. Thanks for sharing!
    Posted Apr 17, 2021
    Exoltic likes this.
  7. Heyo!
    I just wanna say how amazing these drawings are, I really love the lighting/shading you put into the drawings. My favorite one would have to be the first one that is an angel. I think that one looks really good and I love the choice of colors you picked for the hair & wings. Anyways, overall all of them are good, I hope I get to see more art from you on the forums, have a good day!
    Posted Apr 17, 2021,
    Last edited Apr 17, 2021
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