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Balance Castle Siege

Discussion in 'Game Alterations' started by BlazeFire, Dec 5, 2022.

  1. If you've played CS for the brief time it was available in 2020, 2021, or now in 2022, you had to have noticed how the vast majority of games are more than a little one-sided. Every single one is heavily rigged in the Undead's favor. I'm not sure if it's because of the innate mechanics of the game or all the sweats going Undead each time for an easy victory (or a mix of both), but no game should be this unbalanced. Defenders lose over 95% of the time, no exaggeration, and usually in the first three-four minutes. It was not this hard to win on defense in 2016. The game always made it easier to win on Undead, much like how it's easier to win as a Runner in Death Run, but not to the point where it was impossible to win on the average Defenders team. I don't know what's changed, but my best bet would be the rise of large parties playing the game combined with all the players, mainly the best ones, being consended into one, smaller game lobby. That party can rig it any way they want. If you're not in it, hope you like being blasted away from the team selection sheep and put on the losing team! Here are a few suggestions on how to even these unfair matchups out:

    Updated Maps: Make it so it's harder to reach the throne room and a few, well-aimed Ghoul Leaps aren't enough to get you there. More barricades, longer corridors, and fewer areas for Defenders to have to worry about. It was easier to guard every nook and cranny of Helms or Sunstone with 40 or 50 people than it is with less than 20.

    Tougher Defender Kits: Give them better gear, new abilities, whatever. Knight is fine, but Marksmen is definitively worse than it in every way that matters (that being armor, melee weapon, and not having fences, although you still want some of them to gun down the enemy from afar more easily). And Paladin, despite the difficult tasks required to obtain it, is completely unviable, no ifs, ands, or buts.

    Wolves, Wolves, Wolves...: I just made a whole post describing why I hate this thing, but it really wouldn't make all that much difference if Defenders didn't respawn at all as opposed to respawning as this. Undead would have no less trouble creaming them.

    DISSOLVE PARTIES: If you ask me, the best matchups by far, in anything, are even ones. Or at least ones that could be even. If you can join up with your friends, force solo players off the winning team, and swing every game to an Undead domination, it can't be all that fun for you (after a while), and it certainly sucks for the opposition. Why else do three to five Defenders quit at the start of the game? It's nice being able to play alongside your friends, and it's nice being able to pick your team, but it's really killing the whole CS experience. I've gotta wonder if the reason CS died was not only because of the server's overall dwindling player count and them deleting it all too soon, but also because it just isn't quite the same as it used to be. Where's the fun in effortlessly whooping your foe, or being whooped time after time? The only reasonable solution I can come up with is to make teams totally random for everyone with no way to determine which you'll be on before the game starts. I'm not crazy about it myself, and it wouldn't solve the quitting problem, but at least there wouldn't be anymore bs matchups that are over before they've even begun. Block Hunt's had a similar issue, but not to this extent. When there were three or five CS lobbies with more players than the singular one we have today in each, it wasn't hard to find one where the teams were on relatively equal footing, but when your options are either play CS and win as/lose to Undead, or just don't play at all, many will choose the latter. CS is probably gonna slip away over the next couple weeks to the point where a lobby never starts just like last year, until they eventually remove it in January. It might not be that way if it weren't always same-old, same-old.

    Kit Levels: Fight experience with experience. If the better players like to go Undead, let whoever ends up on Defense better their kit by playing more with it over time to balance the advantages Undead have out. And if you're kit gets better just for sticking it out, fewer Defenders may quit, especially if it could make it easier for them to win going forward.

    If you have any other takes or suggestions for this debacle, let me know below! I'd love to hear it.

    Update-I was playing CC Monday and it was a lot tamer, with Defenders winning far more often. Not quite sure why, but it is still possible to get lobby of CS now and then, for the hours of a few days a year it's playable...
    Posted Dec 5, 2022,
    Last edited by a Moderator Dec 9, 2022
  2. I agree with mostly everything here so I just want to give my feedback:
    -I think Undead generally does win more games than defenders so perhaps some changes to the maps would be good. I think this would take the form of a new map if it were to be released, and that is obviously not an easy project looking at the current maps. I know Ghouls can often leap up and hit defenders down off a wall. I know this is a good strategy for undead, but I know it is much harder to win when undead can use this and there is only something like 20 defenders to start with. I think map changes to help defenders more could be beneficial

    -I agree Knight is really the only effective kit, I don't know if the kit levels like you said would ever be implemented to CS. I think Skywars had kit leveling, and that was removed with V3, and I'm pretty sure the reasoning was for balancing, and making it so veteran players didn't have too much of an advantage over newer players. I don't know if this would still be a valid reason with CS only being released seasonally.

    -Wolves, I saw your other post on this, I believe Wolves need some kind of "upgrade" or improvement. It is far more effective to die as a Wolf than wait out the time on Wolf Bite, since Wolf Bite resets when you die. I agree more health for Wolves and a much shorter reset time on Wolf Bite would be beneficial for balancing.

    In terms of parties, I understand your point. But I'm not sure I am totally in favor of dissolving parties.I think I would be ok if Parties remained in effect, but if they had no effect on who was put on what team. Regardless I'm least sure about my position on this one since it would be undoing the effect of parties for just one game which would be different.
    Posted Dec 9, 2022
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  3. +1

    I never really played much CS as, back when it was popular and balanced, I was more focused on different games. However, in more recent year, I have attempted to get into it. I have encountered this problem and I feel it makes the game difficult to enjoy, especially as a newbie with no real former experiences.

    I don't consider myself to be connected enough to this subject as to where I can weigh in my input on specifics. But I agree that this is a real problem, and the solutions you've suggested seem logical.

    Nevertheless, I'm glad you brought this issue to light as it certainly needs to be attended to. I hope some CS veterans can put their minds to a productive solution.
    Posted Dec 9, 2022
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