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In Discussion Barnyard Brawl!

Discussion in 'New Game Discussion' started by MarvelGeek5321, Sep 19, 2019.

  1. There are 4 teams (a la Cake Wars), each with 10 players. The goal of the game is to be the team with the most animals at the end of the game. Whenever a team has no animals in their barnyard, their whole team is eliminated. Hunger is turned on for this minigame, and as such, you need to kill animals or use food resources to survive. In each team's base, there exists a 4x5x5 rectangular prism of Wheat blocks (slightly behind where players respawn). Each team has a crafting table and a furnace. The game takes place on a single island; players could rush out to other teams' bases if they wanted to. There's a 1x5 dugout where water is placed to grow crops.

    Every 20 seconds, a random animal (Cow, Sheep, Chicken, Rabbit) spawns in the center. Every 1.5 minutes, a Killer Bunny spawns in the center; if you don't kill it, it'll kill you!

    There are several kits players can equip for games. They are:

    Kit Name: Bandit
    Gem Cost: Free
    Equipment: Stone Sword, Iron Chestplate, Lasso (right-click an enemy's animal to lasso it; bring it to your side).

    Kit Name: Breeder
    Gem Cost: 2000 Gems
    Equipment: Iron Sword, Iron Chestplate. Receive 1 Wheat, 1 Seed, and 1 Carrot every 5 seconds (simultaneously).

    Kit Name: Cultivator
    Gem Cost: 3000 Gems
    Equipment: Iron Sword, Iron Hoe, Iron Chestplate, Iron Helmet, Water Bucket. The bucket refills every 10 seconds, and the player receives 2 Wheat, 2 Seeds, 2 Carrots, and 1 Bonemeal every 7 seconds (simultaneously).

    Kit Name: Farmer
    Gem Cost: 0; it's an achievement kit.
    Equipment: Iron Sword, Iron Shovel, Iron Hoe, Full Iron Armor. Mines Wheat Blocks instantly with Shovel. Receives 2 Wheat, 2 Seeds, 2 Carrots, and 2 Bonemeal every 6 seconds.

    Best Barnyard; requirement: Win a game of Barnyard Brawl.
    Bloody Barnyard; requirement: eliminate a whole team.
    Furious Farmer; requirement: kill 100 total animals and players.
    Wiry Worker; requirement: die by starvation once.
    Vincent Vegan; requirement: win a game without eating animals.
    Posted Sep 19, 2019
  2. The objective and mechanics of this game is very similar to those of Sheep Quest. I think the twists you have added to this game will cut it though. Having hunger turned on, it requires strategy, forcing you to choose to eat or save that animal. There are some suggestions I have to improve this game and questions too.

    -Are you able to drop items? If not, I would add an automatic food source for the bandit.
    -Wiry Worker should not be an achievement, they need to be something positive or else it is a piece of cake to achieve.
    -Where is the coal?

    +0.5 for now

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    Posted Sep 20, 2019

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