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In Discussion Bedrock stats (As in on this website like on Java)?

Discussion in 'Website Feedback' started by MrDragonBoi, May 26, 2019.

  1. Please can you add Bedrock stats so that you can view other Bedrock players and yours as well as you can do it on Java. This would be very nice if it was added.
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    Edit: Corrected my typo mistake
    Posted May 26, 2019
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  2. Hello, hello!

    I've actually approached our web developer, Wanderer, about this in the past. He mentioned a lot of logistical and statistical hurdles the program would need to maneuver and satisfy, but that it may be possible in the future.

    As a Bedrock player, I completely agree that this feature would be an awesome and very welcome addition to our website's growing host of services. Hopefully in time it well become a feasible addition in the near future.
    Posted May 26, 2019
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  3. Heyo!

    I agree that this should be implemented, but as ClqssyOwl said it could be hard. I do hope this gets added in the future.
    Posted May 27, 2019
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  4. Hello!

    I definitely like this idea! It would probably help the leaderboards a lot more and improve the popularity, I hope this could be implemented as soon as possible because I would enjoy seeing the leaderboards. Hopefully soon, the development process will be quick and our knowledge would improve! +1 from me!
    Posted Jun 2, 2019
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  5. YES+2000000 I would LOVE to see this added, as it’s unfair to the Bedrock side that their stats don’t pop up.
    Posted Jun 3, 2019
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  6. Stats would be amazing,I hate logging into my phone with an alt account to click my self in a lobby on Xbox to see a few basic stats
    One thing I would love is to see my stats like /stats so I don’t need to do that everytime
    Posted Jun 3, 2019
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