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Best Game To Grind For More Levels?(Bedrock)

Discussion in 'MCO/Bedrock Discussion' started by JetStarglaze, Sep 9, 2020.

  1. Hey,

    I was wondering what the best games are for leveling up.

    Posted Sep 9, 2020
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  2. Well, probably games you can win fast. Games like Micro Battles (Unless people hide) or Skywars (People fall a lot).
    Posted Sep 9, 2020
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  3. The best games to grind (in my opinion) are Skywars, CakeWars (even better if you’re playing with friends), Turf Wars, and Dragons. I wouldn’t play Micro Battles by myself since I need a good team to make the game go by quicker.

    But it’s better you play games you are best at, since that will give you the most xp in most cases. For example, don’t play Skywars if you lose every game.
    Posted Sep 9, 2020,
    Last edited Sep 9, 2020
  4. Yeah, getting good teammates also help.
    Posted Sep 9, 2020
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  5. Generally, I find the best games tp grind xp, are the games you are best at. At the end of the day, the more wins, kills, etc. that you get, the more xp will you gain, so do what you do best. Some games might give a little more xp than others, but if you can't win at that game, you shouldn't play it (unless you want to learn or enjoy it of course).

    Personally, I do like Skywars, but that is because I find it is pretty easy to get kills. Since I play bedrock on my laptop, I generally find I do pretty well in PvP matchups, because I can generally get more hits in and have a little bit better control.

    But again, I really think it is all about what you like and are good at.
    Posted Sep 9, 2020
  6. afk :)
    Posted Sep 9, 2020
  7. The best games to grind levels are the games that you can consistently win. Winning games will give you a lot more exp than losing games. I know Master Builders gives pretty decent exp if you can consistently win, but the only game I have played on bedrock is Master Builders. (If you do play master builders, I recommend not playing at night because it can get a bit rough and much harder to win)
    Posted Sep 9, 2020
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  8. Hey there!

    As an xp grinder myself I can say there are a lot of good games for getting xp. I main Speed Builders and have gotten quite a bit of xp from there. But there is a lot of good games to get xp, I think that cake wars and skywars are both really good games as well and if you are good at those games and can pull off victories you can quickly level up. Also a something to note, xp is based of the amount of gems you earn, so if you can see how gems are calculated for the game you decide to play you can maximize the amount of xp you get.
    Posted Sep 9, 2020
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  9. Ehhhh I have almost 3k Mb win only level 74 and probably half of that xp is CW and SW I also have a friend who is level 90 and has 11k MB wins, which means that MB doesn’t give much xp lol, but Orangey is right about the SW part xD
    Posted Sep 12, 2020
  10. Yo!
    I play a mix of Turf (which is my main) and Cake, but I know skywars is very good as well. Also as mentioned by @Believerc mentioned, having a good team with you when you play makes games go by a lot faster and you have a better chance at winning. I recommend playing the game that you're the best at and that you enjoy the most- you won't notice the time go by as easily and you'll have fun while you're leveling.
    Posted Sep 12, 2020
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  11. Hellooo

    The best game for me would definitely have to be Speed Builders. I'm decent at the game on the Java edition of Minecraft, and figured I would give it a try on Bedrock. Turns out, it's a lot easier to play and win on that edition, so I find myself playing there often. I can confidently say that all 16 of my levels of Bedrock have come from Speed Builders, and in a fairly short time too. You can gain a good chunk of experience per game, depending on how many rounds the game lasts. If you are particularly good at a different game, I recommend playing it as much as you can. It's better to earn less exp on a game you like than more on one you're just playing to level up on. Also, the more you win, the more exp you'll gain more than likely. My game I always go to just happens to be Speed Builders, and it hasn't failed me yet! Great question, thanks for asking :)
    Posted Sep 12, 2020
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  12. Absolutely dragon escape. The game is short and gives a decent amount of XP.
    Posted Sep 13, 2020,
    Last edited Sep 13, 2020
  13. Hey!

    Generally, I play games that I enjoy. For me, that seems to be the most effective and efficient way of leveling up, since I often don’t get bored of playing them. Despite this, there are certain games that are viewed as an easier way of gaining exp. I would say that Micro Battles, Skywars and possibly Cake Wars are effective ways of grinding, so I recommend you looking into those games and seeing if you find some interest in those.
    Posted Sep 13, 2020
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  14. not even on bedrock anymore
    Posted Sep 13, 2020
  15. Guten tag,

    The best way to level up on bedrock right now is probably consistently winning skywars or skywars teams. Both of those games will usually give approximately 2,000+ exp per win, so those are the best ways to level up. In general, any game that you can consistently win is probably the best to level up.

    With that being said though, this works on most games, but not really all games (including the games from before the game removal). For example, quiver was not really good for exp, even when won consistently. I have seen received a large variety in terms of exp I gained from winning quiver, ranging from 350 exp for a really quick win where I got a godlike kill streak as my best kill streak (13-19 kills), to 2000ish exp for a perfect run during quadruple exp. However considering that most of the time there was no amp activated and that the double exp event usually only comes around once or twice a year, most of the time I was in the 350-550 experience earned range, which put me at a slower pace than other people who grinded for the same amount of time as me, but played other games such as skywars or dragons. However, when I started to grind skywars teams, I leveled up significantly faster than I did when I grinded quiver, even though I got about the same amount of wins and I won a little less consistently than I did for quiver.

    As said above by some people, the amount of kills or gems you get (I mostly agree with the gems part, but cake wars mains have significantly less gems than arcade mains so good gems and exp aren't always going hand-and-hand). However, there is also a factor of time, which is sort of small. After multiple perfect runs, I noticed that the really fast perfect runs were giving me less xp than the ones where the games were longer. I don't think that the assists really had that much of an impact (I'm pretty sure you don't get gets gems or rewarded for them in most games, see how in skywars teams I get much less xp in games where I get like 1 kill and 6 assists compared to 4 kills and 0 assists), and considering that all other rewards for the wins, kills, participation, and kill streak were the same, I'd say that time does have some effect on the gems earned.

    While Skywars is the best game overall for experience, if you're on mobile, the controls and layout makes pvp much more difficult so my personal favorite for grinding exp on mobile is Bomb Lobbers because I didn't need to worry about bad controls as much. Unfortunately that game is gone right now, so if you're on mobile, I would recommend a game where the windows 10 players do not have as much of advantage, such as dragons or mob arena.

    Last but not least, which most likely one person has said, is being able to enjoy the games that you're grinding. This is definitely very important, and I say that with lots of experience of grinding a game for wins too much or exp too much and getting burned out. One day during the beginning of quarantine, I grinded for 70 quiver wins in a single day so I could keep a firm grip on my #10 spot for wins on the leaderboard, which took me quite a few hours as expected. I was able to continue decently throughout that day. However at the end of the day, I was completely burned out from quiver for a bit and didn't like it for a while because I had played it so much to the point where it no longer felt enjoyable and felt more like a chore than something I wanted to do. I hit the same thing but with experience earned on java when I was close to getting level 100 java. After getting level 99 I was so excited for getting level 100. However a day or two before I got level 100, I lost the excitement for level 100 because I had grinded so much for it where the excitement just died down because of how exhausting the grind was to get there. So it is important that you do enjoy it and you don't play too much to the point of where you get sick of playing whatever game you are grinding

    Good luck and have fun with grinding whatever game you choose!
    Posted Sep 14, 2020,
    Last edited Sep 14, 2020
  16. Hi,

    Do you mean dragons which can be found in the classics?

    If so I can consistently get first place and it would be awesome if that was a good game to grind.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Sep 14, 2020
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  17. Hi there!

    This is probably a very unpopular opinion given how long games can last but for me the best game to grind XP is Cake Wars. When you win you normally get at least 1000 XP and can sometimes get up to 4000 XP. At the end of the day I guess it depends on how often you win because if you only win once every five games then it will take more time to level up. My second game to get XP is skywars; normally you get a 1000 XP when you win and games are often very short.

    - MC Minium
    Posted Sep 15, 2020
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  18. Yes, that’s what I mean. Have fun grinding!
    Posted Sep 15, 2020
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  19. Ah, my bad. I meant Dragons, found under classics.
    Posted Sep 15, 2020
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  20. I would say skywars, or any of the classic games like turf wars, micro battles, and dragons. Also, if you have any network amplifiers they can work really well as if you use one on a popular gamemode, grind that gamemode untill the hour is up, you will get double the rewards for the matches and a tip at the end.
    Posted Sep 22, 2020

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