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Best Hiding Spots - Leafy - V1

Discussion in 'Block Hunt' started by Fluyd, Apr 18, 2020.


Are thees good spots?

  1. Yes

    19 vote(s)
  2. No

    2 vote(s)
  3. Kinda

    8 vote(s)
  1. Hello Everyone,

    Today I will be showing you all the best block hunt hiding spots(In my opinion).

    - Spot 1 - Map: Plexville
    Description: This spot is good because most of the time the hunters will not think that walking through the banner is an option because there may be blocks behind it.
    Picture(s): (None)

    - Spot 2 - Map: The Market
    Description: This is a good spot 9/10 times because the ladders at the bottom of the tree are not visible right away.
    Picture(s): https://i.imgur.com/BFHn7Xu.jpg

    - Spot 3 - Map: Riverwood
    Description: This spot is good because it had a difficult jump to get into the spot discourage hunters from looking there.
    Picture(s): https://i.imgur.com/QKYtv8m.png - https://i.imgur.com/ysntb4K.png

    - Spot 4 - Map: Pirate Island
    Description: This jump looks impossible but using your speed axe you will be able to jump from the house to the tree.
    Picture(s): https://i.imgur.com/cNlYSgP.png

    - Spot 5 - Map: Pirate Island
    Description: This is an easy spot to get into but a good one.
    Picture(s): https://prnt.sc/s1sf45

    - Spot 6 - Map: The Museum
    Description: You have to be good at parkour to get into this one but once you get up the ladder you can jump to the leaves and work your way up.
    Picture(s): https://prnt.sc/s1sgfc - https://prnt.sc/s1si1v

    - Spot 7 - Map: Vineyard Mills
    Description: You have to press W and S at the correct time for this one.
    Picture(s): https://prnt.sc/s1sj6p

    - Spot 8 - Map: Atlantis
    Description: This one is deceiving how hard it is to get into.
    Picture(s): https://prnt.sc/s1smyy
    Posted Apr 18, 2020
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  2. You just exposed the hiding spots to the hunters...
    Posted Apr 18, 2020
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  3. Well, new players probs want to know some spots...
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Apr 18, 2020
  4. Thanks, I'll make sure to check all of those spots as a hunter

    In all seriousness though, these are some excellent hiding spots and I can tell you put a lot of effort into thinking about which of these spots are better than others. Keep up the good work :)
    Posted Apr 18, 2020
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  5. Great post! This will help me a bunch. :)
    Posted Apr 18, 2020
  6. Decent spots i usually just hide on top of the houses and get a good axe and start comboing hunters.
    Posted Apr 18, 2020
  7. Hey there!
    I've been looking for some better hiding spots recently, and I think I've found the perfect thread. I've been playing block hunt a lot recently and when it always comes down do around top 5 hiders, it gets pretty rough and hiding may not always come as an option, though. I think with these spots, it'll be much harder to track where I'm at. Thanks!
    Posted Apr 18, 2020
  8. Nice guide here, I'm pretty bad at Block Hunt so these will definitely help me, I just hope the hiders don't see this thread!
    Posted Apr 18, 2020
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  9. All of these spots are widely known to everyone, but there is no central place for these spots to have been discussed.
    It is nice to see all these being listed above, however most these spots are not the current "meta" for the big parties that go around hiding.
    But these spots are nice and usually you can get an easy game on them :D
    Posted Apr 18, 2020
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  10. *Meanwhile in the council chambers*
    "Yesss, they still do not know!"
    "Don't tell them that you fool"
    "Foolish is right, let them believe they've found our spots"
    "Indeed, they won't even realize it...Brilliant!"
    "For now, we continue to pull strings and stragglers into shadows..."
    Mad cackling ensues
    Posted Apr 18, 2020
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  11. Most of those spots are pretty decent and as blueflash said can give you some easy wins as long as there arent any good hunters. There are a bunch of better spots but for beginners these are good and i'd recommend searching for better spots on your own since this is usually pretty fun to do.
    Posted Apr 18, 2020
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  12. Wow this is amazing!!! I always lose as hider :(((((. But now I can win :DDD!!!
    Posted Apr 18, 2020
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  13. Good job putting this together! Most of these are pretty clever spots; I think it's good to show others which spots they might want to use in the future. However I totally wouldn't reccomend hiding on a map like The Market or The Museum, they are more difficult to hide in! If you do happen to get those maps, I reccomend searching for a new game or getting hyper axe and sneaking around as much as possible!
    Posted Apr 18, 2020
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  14. WDYM? The Market and The Museum are the two best hider maps! You must be very new to the game, so I would recommend exploring those two maps a little further. Once you become more experienced at block hunt im sure you'll agree with me :D.
    Posted Apr 18, 2020
  15. When I play block hunt I will make sure to use these spots! Thank you for these :)
    Posted Apr 18, 2020
  16. I love this thread. I mostly always play as a Hunter because I'm absolutely horrid at being a Hider. The only achievement that I have left to finish off my BH achievement is The Blockiest Block, but I've just been so bad at hiding. This thread has definitely given me some good ammo to use as a Hider from now on, and I think that by ~exposing~ these spots, it just challenges competitive Hiders to find even better spots! Also, great job with the clear instructions within the images on how to access these spots.
    Posted Apr 18, 2020
    Fluyd likes this.
  17. These are some really good spots for block hunt, I might have to use them sometime in my games. I'll also be checking these spots when there's that one annoying hider left at the end of the match when you can't find them. Thanks for the spots!
    Posted Apr 18, 2020
  18. Thanks everyone for all these heart warming replies! :D
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Apr 19, 2020
  19. Time to hide every single spot using only the flower pot morph haha. :))
    Posted May 4, 2020
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  20. I agree with the posts above! These spots are usually proven to get you wins most of the time, but you do have to be vigilant and not AFK hide for most of them, as very skilled hunters do check those spots all the time. Best advice for spots, especially on Hunter-heavy maps like The Market or The Museum is to not AFK hide, and if possible, infest in not so obvious spots that many hunters would not look for in general! Overall, Great post!
    Posted May 5, 2020
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