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Discussion in 'MCO/Bedrock Games' started by ExoAce, Jul 26, 2021.

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  1. Rank: Duke
    Mode: Skywars Duo
    Name: -snip-

    *note to mineplex* no mods ever do anything lol
    Posted Jul 26, 2021
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  2. Please, report this user in the discord, or in the game using commands. . Make sure to capture the player hacking too, so the moderators have evidence. There are special areas for players to report others, in the mineplex official discord. Secondly, im not quite sure what you mean by mods never doing anything. Are you referring to in game bans or kicks?
    Posted Jul 26, 2021
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  3. Heyo, if you want a Moderator to do something I highly suggest reporting the player in the correct place; this can be done by submitting a forum report (evidence required - a 30 second clip of the player will do, but you should follow the reporting guide linked by the form) or on Discord (discord.mineplex.com - evidence not required) in our report-players channel - just follow the format in the channel.

    Staff members on Bedrock try to moderate as best as they can however there is a very small amount of them compared to the large playerbase of the server. Therefore, reporting is the way to go. In the future, to make this much easier than it is, a /report command will be introduced which will allow you to report a player from in-game, but for now you need to navigate to the areas I mentioned above. Sorry for any inconvenience!

    The anti-cheat is also not the best on Bedrock but will be improved in future updates so that there will be less hackers roaming around as I know how frustrating that is to deal with. Unfortunately, however, we have to wait for this to happen. :)

    FMA Note: Thread Locked by FMA xHarrison. Reason: Concern Addressed/Redirected to make a report.
    Posted Jul 26, 2021
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