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Not Planned Block Hunt - Choose which block to start as

Discussion in 'Game Alterations' started by 510bike, Jul 15, 2019.

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  1. Quick suggestion for Block Hunt.

    Make an option for hiders to choose what block they start as before the game starts, instead of starting as a random block.

    How it works: Basically, after the map selection is done, a GUI will pop open for 10 seconds. Players will be able to select which block/animal they want to start as by using this GUI. If they don’t select anything, they’ll be assigned a random block/mob. There could also be an option in the GUI called “random” if they want to start as a random block/animal.

    Why is it beneficial:
    1. A lot of players like to play as the same block/mob each game. For example, many people like to play as a chicken each game in order to kill hunters. Instead of wasting hiding time to find a chicken in the map, these players could select “Chicken” in the GUI before the start of the game. It makes it easier.
    2. In general, it’ll allow everyone to use the full length of hiding time. They won’t have to waste time morphing into the block they’re looking for. 20 seconds isn’t a ton of time, especially if you have a particular location you want to go to.

    Feel free to give any feedback!
    Posted Jul 15, 2019
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  2. Heyo!

    Currently, I believe that the time needed to find blocks and hide is quite beneficial to both teams. It makes players more adept to finding new locations as they play the game (making it fast-paced as Block Hunt should be). It's understandable how it can be great to already have your block set out however, it partially removes the dynamic of that initial challenge. Furthermore, the seekers also have an advantage at the start as some select players are still looking for places to hide. Overall, I think the allocated time at the moment is sound with the benefit of further developing skills within players.

    Just a thought.
    Posted Jul 16, 2019
  3. I'm not really a fan of this. I believe it's way better if everyone has to look for their morph at the beginning of the game as there is a time for that, plus it adds some difficulty to it. BH is already about standing still for the longest time for a lot of players, so if they don't even have to move to find a morph, it would be really boring for them!
    Having to find a morph also makes you explore the maps and thus find new spots too, so it's quite beneficial! Plus usually most morph you might be looking for are around spawn.

    Posted Jul 16, 2019
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  4. While I think it's a nice idea in the sense that it would add something new to the game, I don't think we should. If we look at the actual game, having to run and find the thing you want to hide as is a vital part of the game. It forces players to run around the map and not all collectively be in a general area. If everyone can just spawn as a flower pot in the beginning of the game, it wouldn't make the game fair or interesting. We should promote people to hide all around the map, and if people can simply spawn as whatever they want without having to actually find it, I would say it removes an important layer to the entire game. Just from what you suggested, it was interesting to bring up, but I don't think it's very necessary.
    Posted Jul 16, 2019
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  5. Hey!
    I'm not too big of a fan of this idea. What I have to say regarding why I'm not a fan has already been said, so I'll just skip that part.
    However, in terms of what you mentioned regarding players wanting to be chickens, I have always thought that Block Hunt maps should have a chicken or two next to where the hiders spawn. The reason for this is evident on maps where the closest chicken is located on the other side of the map entirely. Yes, players need to be able to actually find the mob/block they want to find; however, for those players who only play as the chicken, it can be frustrating to play on a new map (or any map they're not 100% familiar with) and have to scour the entirety of the map just to find that one chicken you need in order to morph into it. But that's just my opinion.
    Posted Jul 16, 2019
  6. Heyo,
    I feel as if your idea is quite intriguing, however I don't think it is necessary right now. In a typical Block Hunt map there are various objects and animals around to map to disguise yourself as, and I believe it's twenty seconds to hide, which is enough time to find a specific object or animal you would like to be. I completely agree with what @Nicodami stated, it's beneficial to explore different maps, find new hiding spots, etc. Personally, I'd rather explore different portions of the maps and get used to them, I usually find it fairly easy to find my perfect block or animal I would like to be.

    Overall, I don't think your idea is entirely necessary at the moment. Nevertheless, best of luck with your idea! -1 from me.
    Posted Jul 17, 2019
  7. Hi!

    Sorry for the awfully late response.

    Unfortunately, Game Insights has denied this idea, and here is our reasoning:
    • Each kit would essentially have a second swap - making swapper hider even less viable
    • Hiders will not need to run to chicken spawn areas - more hide time with less risk

    As such, I will be marking this thread as Not Planned as well as locking it.

    Thank you for sharing!

    Thread Locked >> Idea Not Planned - Denied by GI
    Posted Aug 12, 2020
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