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Bows + Axe Hunter

Discussion in 'Block Hunt' started by PiglettPig, Sep 14, 2019.

  1. Yeah it's pretty stupid that axe hunters are even allowed to have bows. Even worse they have infinite arrows. Bows on their own should have some sort of cooldown or limited arrows to start with (like fletched arrows in cakewars). Most of all though, the only kit that deserves a bow is radar since they have ZERO chance of chasing someone with a hyper axe. Four hearts of damage is just way too much when ur running in a narrow hallway. Don't even get me started when there is more than ONE hunter chasing you.
    Posted Sep 14, 2019
  2. Bows and arrows are completely fine as they are. Arrows are easy to dodge, aiming at a moving hider being particularly difficult. And while it does indeed do a lot of damage, that's only when the arrows are fully charged, and not in case of bow spamming. Plus hiders are able to fight back with either the Shocking Strikes ability, or the smoke bomb one. If, as a hunter, you get attacked by a hider, even in close combat winning the fight with only an axe or a sword won't work particularly well. As a hider, you will note that in most cases, it is better (in the case of a 1v1) to fight back the hunter attacking you rather than attempt to escape, as he might be able to shoot you down in the second option.

    Hunters grouping together to attack a hider is indeed rather problematic. Most of the time, you can avoid being in such situations by targeting lonely hunters, or selecting some maps to hide on, and others to fight back on. Moreover, in terms of shots, a hunter can't get his arrows past through the others around him easily since they are in his way. Thus, you should be able to run and lose them.

    Another thing is that arrows are a bit broken, meaning sometimes they won't hurt a hider, they'll just bounce on him... That's why having a cooldown would be a bit annoying as generally a lot of shots are lost.

    Posted Sep 14, 2019
  3. I definitely agree with everything Nicodami has said. I believe Hunters deserve to have a bow and arrows, mainly because Hiders also have the same perks. The bow and arrow are debatable the most balanced part of the game because each player, no matter which side, has both a bow with infinity and an arrow to shoot as much as they want. The flaws with Block Hunt kits don't stem from the bows and arrows but from other aspects.

    Other than the fact that bows are evenly distributed among all players, could you imagine how frustrating it would be to have Hiders on the roof tops and be unable to get to them or shoot them down? The playing strategy for Hiders would completely change if bows were removed as I think many would just seek high ground and be able to shoot Hunters down any building or hill. Hunters wouldn't be able to get to Hiders in some cases at all as they are bow spammed with no way to combat it.

    Additionally, Hiders already can receive stronger melee weapons than Hunters. Having a stronger melee weapon and a bow with arrows when your enemy doesn't have one seems pretty overpowered to me. Hunters have more armor protection, but they wouldn't be able to do much against someone coming in with Shocker kit and hitting them a few times with a diamond axe and then bow spamming until they are dead.

    It's also important to consider that using the speed axe is just as useful as a Leaper Hunter using leap. It acts in the same way but the axe allows Hiders to get a lot more distance on Hunters. It's why a lot of players resort to trying to bow Hiders down because they just keep running away faster than they can be caught. I think the game would be less enjoyable for those that were Hunters if they weren't able to use a ranged weapon alongside the Hiders.
    Posted Sep 14, 2019
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