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In Discussion Bring Back Castle Siege [Evidence Regarding Its Justified Revival]

Discussion in 'New Game Discussion' started by Danese, May 1, 2020.


Would You Want CS To Be Brought Back?

  1. Yes!

    96 vote(s)
  2. Maybe...

    10 vote(s)
  3. No.

    8 vote(s)
  1. Hello everybody!!

    Thank you all so much for the continued support towards the #ReviveCS movement! I am pleased to announce that this thread has received over 2,000 views, 59 likes, and 100 replies!! WOOO!!

    Anyways, I have some super amazing information that I am here to share with you all!

    Recently, Livicus, a veteran Castle Sieger who helped create the 2017 Castle Siege update, sent me a document containing the then WIP proposals that they and the rest of the Castle Siege Game Insights team were working on.

    One of the sections within this document pertains to the kit progression system, which has since been removed from the game mode as of Castle Siege being shoved into Mineplex Player Servers (MPS’s). Additionally, this document contains some ideas pertaining to some possible new kits for the game mode!!

    I have edited the kit progression system to include the finalized updates to these kits’ unlocks. Please reference the changelog at the very end of this post for all of the modifications that I made to the document to accommodate for the finalized update's content.

    Thank you so much for all of the original information, Livicus!

    Kit Progression System

    Defender Kits

    Castle Wolf:
    Level 5: Start with 3 Hearts at Respawn
    Level 10: Start with 3.5 Hearts at Respawn
    Level 30: Start with 4 Hearts at Respawn
    Level 75: Start with 4.5 Hearts at Respawn
    Level 100: Start with 5 Hearts at Respawn

    Castle Marksman:
    Level 5: Addition of 2 Stews to Inventory Hotbar
    Level 10: Addition of 2 Arrows to Barrage Skill
    Level 30: Addition of 2 Arrows to Barrage Skill
    Level 75: Addition of 2 Arrows to Barrage Skill
    Level 100: Fletched Arrow Cooldown Decrease by 0.5 seconds

    Castle Knight:
    Level 5: Fence Cooldown Decrease by 4 seconds
    Level 10: Fence Cooldown Decrease by 4 seconds
    Level 30: Fence Cooldown Decrease by 4 seconds and Fence Max Capacity Increase by 1
    Level 75: Upgrade Iron Helmet to Diamond Helmet
    Level 100: Upgrade Iron Chestplate to Diamond Chestplate

    Castle Paladin:
    Level 5: Increase Morale Royale Length by 2 Seconds and Decrease Morale Royale Cooldown by 2 Seconds
    Level 10: Decrease Morale Royale Cooldown by 2 Seconds and Give Absorption I to Humans
    Level 30: Increase Morale Royale Length by 2 Seconds and Give Regen II to all Defenders
    Level 75: Decrease Morale Royale Cooldown by 2 Seconds and Give Resistance II to Humans
    Level 100: Decrease Morale Royale Cooldown by 2 Seconds and Give Haste II to Wolves

    Undead Kits

    Undead Ghoul:
    Level 5: Leap Cooldown Decrease by 0.5 seconds
    Level 10: Leap Cooldown Decrease by 0.5 seconds
    Level 30: Leap Cooldown Decrease by 0.5 seconds
    Level 75: Leap Cooldown Decrease by 0.5 seconds
    Level 100: Upgrade Stone Axe to Iron Axe

    Undead Skeleton:
    Level 5: Fletched Arrow Cooldown Decrease by 0.5 seconds
    Level 10: Fletched Arrow Cooldown Decrease by 0.5 seconds
    Level 30: Max Fletched Arrow Capacity Increase by 1
    Level 75: Fletched Arrow Cooldown Decrease by 1.0 seconds
    Level 100: Upgrade Stone Axe to Iron Axe

    Undead Zombie:
    Level 5: Max Health Increase by 0.5 Hearts
    Level 10: Max Health Increase by 0.5 Hearts
    Level 30: Max Health Increase by 0.5 Hearts
    Level 75: Max Health Increase by 0.5 Hearts
    Level 100: Upgrade Stone Axe to Iron Axe

    Undead Summoner:
    Level 5: Cooldown Decrease by 2.0 seconds
    Level 10: Ability to Summon a Zombie
    Level 30: Ability to Summon a Spider
    Level 75: Decreased Cooldown by 2.0 seconds
    Level 100: Upgrade Stone Axe to Iron Axe

    New Kit Ideas

    Note: These kits were not featured in the final 2017 Castle Siege update. That being said, I thought I would include them here to see what your thoughts are on these kits.

    Castle Assassin

    Information: This is a kit meant to counter individual ghoul assassins, hence having a longer cooldown leap and higher speed

    Description: Agile Fighter with a Vendetta for Ghouls

    Cost: 15,000 Gems (?) [Listed as an Achievement Kit in the document]

    Black Leather Armor
    Iron Sword
    32 arrows Fletched Arrows, gets one every 4 seconds, Max of 4
    4 Mushroom Stews
    NOTE: Just because the Assassin receives Fletched Arrows does not mean it has Barrage. That ability is for the Marksman and Marksman only.

    Buff: Speed I

    Ability: Leap
    Double Tap the Spacebar to Leap; mechanics and range are exactly like that of the Undead Ghoul Leap, but Cooldown is 12 seconds.

    Castle Assassin Kit Progression

    Level 5: Leap Cooldown Decrease by 1 Second
    Level 10: Leap Cooldown Decrease by 1 Second
    Level 30: Leap Cooldown Decrease by 1 Second
    Level 75: Leap Cooldown Decrease by 1 Second
    Level 100: Upgrade Iron Sword to Diamond Sword

    Undead Spider

    Description: Tarantulas, tarantulas, everybody loves tarantulas. If there's just fuzz where your hamster was, it's probably because of tarantulas!

    Ability: Spider Climb Shift to climb walls It can climb walls at a rate of 2 blocks per second (about the rate of spider in SSM because that seems alright) Max of 10 (Open to discussion) blocks to be climbed at a time.

    Cost: 15,000 Gems (?) [Not listed in document]

    Possible Special Skill 1

    Needler: Right-click with a stone axe to shoot out a short-range barrage of non-poisonous arrows

    - Maybe have the stone axe be a wooden sword for the spider. That way the spider cannot run at full speed while using needler.
    - Since Spiders do not have actual arms, unlike the other kits, maybe they should not be able to break fences as easily.

    --Open to Discussion--


    To be honest, the arrows seem like a bit much. What if, instead, the spider kit could shoot out snowballs (like they were spider eggs)? This way, the attack damage values can be directly modified a bit easier than the arrows. Also, as a defender, you would know for a fact that you are being attacked by a spider. Maybe each snowball could do 1 to 1.5 hearts of attack damage each? Also, it wouldn’t be a “stream” of snowballs; instead, it would be a small “burst” Think of the Christmas head’s morph, except, of course, there would NOT be NEARLY as many snowballs nor would they continue to spawn for any period of time. The snowballs would spread similar to how these snowballs spread in the lobby (in the sense that they go in somewhat different directions, but are all directed towards 1 specific direction). I think that would make this kit very special and unique!! ( -Dan )

    I think that the number of Snowballs in the “Burst” should be (maybe) 5 to start off with. ( -Dan )

    Possible Special Skill 2

    Web Thrower: Obtain a cobweb every 15 seconds (Feel free to give a better web obtaining rate). Right-click to throw it. Maximum of 3.

    Notes: This is basically a Champions web except you get a new one every so often.


    - Although both of these abilities can be implemented at the same time, it might be best to pick one or the other so the spider kit is not too overpowered.


    To be Frank, the last thing we need in CS is for defenders to be able to get caught in webs. I mean, just think how annoying that would be as any defender. ( -Dan )

    Undead Spider Kit Progression

    Note: The original document does not contain any possible progression-based unlockables for this kit. As such, the following are proposals that I have brainstormed for this kit. ( -Dan )

    Level 5: Decrease ability cooldown by 1 second
    Level 10: Decrease ability cooldown by 1 second
    Level 30: [If Skill 2] Increase maximum by 1.
    Level 30: [If Skill 1] Decrease ability cooldown by 1 second
    Level 75: [If Skill 1] Increase the number of snowballs shot by 2
    Level 75: [If Skill 2] Decrease the ability’s cooldown by 1 second
    Level 100: Replace Stone Axe w/ an Iron Axe OR [if using a wooden sword] Replace the Wooden Sword with an Iron Sword.

    ( -Dan )

    The document containing this information can be found here:


    Document Change Log

    - Modified the kit progression to accommodate for some of the outdated features pertaining to live kits (Specifically, the undead summoner kit).
    - Modified the level 75 and level 100 unlocks for the defender knight kit, as many members can distinctively recall that the level 100 knights had a diamond chest plate and a diamond helmet.
    - Updated the information for the undead summoner kit (the original document referenced this kit’s ability to use splash potions to summon silverfish, which has [clearly] been modified for the 2017 CS Update).
    - Changed the information under “cost” for the paladin kit from having a gem price to being an achievement kit.
    - Changed the Castle Assassin kit from being labelled as an achievement kit to including a (possible) gem cost.
    - Updated the Undead Summoner’s kit progression to include its finalized progressions (from what I can recall, anyway. Please let me know if this information is incorrect).
    - Reformatted the document to allow for individuals to read the document with ease (there was an issue converting the donated PDF to a google doc, which meant that the formatting became all messed up).


    Again, special thanks to Livicus for the document that contained all of the original information!!

    Please, contribute your ideas, thoughts, and feedback regarding any/all of these ideas! And thank you all for the continuing support!! Let’s get our favourite game back onto the live network!!


    OP OP
    OP OP Posted May 24, 2020
  2. All these idea's seem amazing, and fit well with the game, however, spiders have eight arms, and therefore must be able to break walls 8x as fast.
    Posted May 24, 2020
  3. I just want to say that if Castle Siege was brought back, I would literally start not only playing mineplex again, but also minecraft in general again. The reason I "quit" Minecraft (or started to play it much less) was literally because Castle Siege was removed. It was literally the only mini game that gave me so much enjoyment, and when it was removed I felt like I had no reason to stay on mineplex anymore. I tried to get into other games like SSM and MS, but they just weren't the same for me.
    Posted May 24, 2020
  4. I might get a lot of hate for saying this but once again people just keep saying yes without reading most of the points. If the devs couldn't spare time for that and other games in the past how would they spare it now? It's not like they can just say more time and have extra time to develop each game correctly. Getting devs isn't easy either. I see several people giving this idea a +1 because they miss their favourite game but they didn't see the flaws.
    Posted May 25, 2020
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  5. The issue I have with this tho is that the 2 main hackers who were ruining the game are now gone. They've moved on, so if CS is brought back they won't be here to kill it.
    Posted May 25, 2020
  6. They would spare it now because they realize that it has a vocal and supportive player base. Compare this to some of the mixed arcade games that get literally 0 players. While they can’t pull time out of thin air, they can refocus time.
    Posted May 25, 2020
  7. Right now, mineplex needs something "new" in order to keep and gain players. Unless they've got a brand new gamemode on deck, the best thing they could do would be to modify and re-release CS.
    Posted May 25, 2020
  8. Yes, that is what I meant
    Posted May 25, 2020
  9. I do like the fact that the new kits that were suggested are more expensive. This gives something that players can actually work towards a little bit. The current way that gems work allows players to unlock things too quickly. I also think that the price for zombie should be increased to 10,000 and the price of the knight should be increased to maybe 5,000. This will make them a little harder to unlock and it will make gems actually useful.
    Posted May 28, 2020
  10. I think CS needs more maps. Right now it only has a handful. I think it needs a lot more maps if it were to be re-released.
    Posted May 30, 2020
  11. Yeah, I really miss castle siege too.
    And this may bring back players who left mineplex.
    Posted Jun 1, 2020
  12. For the longest time there was only 2 maps and now there are like 7 maps so I don't know if new maps are needed to bring it back
    Posted Jun 1, 2020
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  13. I 100% agree that it should be brought back, Castle Siege is a Mineplex classic and I really enjoyed it back in the day. I've seen countless people request that it be added back, and with the evidence you provided, I see no reason to not to. +1, hopefully it can make a comeback!
    Posted Jun 1, 2020
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  14. 7 maps isn't much. Almost every other game has at least 10 maps, usually more. I think it would get very repetitive to play the same maps over and over again. Also, many fans of the game have submitted maps, so I don't think this would be too hard.
    Posted Jun 1, 2020
  15. The only hard part will be testing it, since CS is a removed game, I doubt the people who test the maps know the game's mechanics really well and how certain terrain and design can affect both team's gameplay.
    Posted Jun 1, 2020
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  16. The Castle Paladin was completely reworked if I remember correctly, that was a really early stage version of it - it was changed to starting with Res 1 for its AoE buff and layering on a couple of other buffs like Regen and or Speed for wolves or increasing it to Res 2 and Regen 2, which would be given to all Defenders in a given radius. Someone probably has old screenshots of it, right?
    Posted Jun 1, 2020
  17. Thread Moved to New Game Discussion

    I don't have anything to add to the thread itself, it just makes more sense to be located here.​
    Posted Jun 1, 2020
  18. Hey as someone who used to play Castle Siege back in the day i would love for it to come back!
    Posted Jun 1, 2020
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    Posted Jun 2, 2020
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  20. Hey, y'all!

    So, in one of today’s MPS sessions, somebody asked about Castle Siege’s lore. This idea seemed like a lot of fun, so I thought I would throw my hat in the ring and see what you guys think of this “backstory” for CS.

    So now, without further ado, let’s begin…


    Once, there was a Castle whose halls were decorated in the finest of stones and whose citizens lived happily beneath King Chiss’s rule. The people cherished their king, and the king his people.

    These people had lived within their castle for generations. Centuries upon centuries these people were born, they lived, and, then, they died… For this be the way all life works and shall always be the way that life shall forever continue… Or, so the masses thought.

    But, one person- a father- filled with grief for the loss of his only daughter, despised the way in which life continues to be. His daughter, Samantha, had become ill. The father could do nothing but watch as she withered away... into nothingness...

    Decades passed, and still, the father could not get over the death of his only daughter. Who could blame him? The loss of a child is… devastating, to say the least.

    Over the decades, the father had become obsessed with immortality. Through reading the myths derived from the greeks that depicted the very concept, the father had become convinced that death could be… cured…

    Through deceit, the father had manipulated the king and had gained access to the kingdom’s laboratory. Under the pretense of theorizing a way in which to cure various forms of ailment, the king had granted the father any and all resources necessary for the father to create this theoretical cure. Of course, the diseases he wished to cure were not what the king had imagined… For death is quite possibly the last thing anyone would imagine any individual to attempt to... “cure”

    Nevertheless, the kingdom was rapidly succumbing to diseases. Crops had stopped yielding the required surplus of food and the entirety of the kingdom was dying from famine. Those who did not die directly from the famine would inevitably die from one of the numerous other diseases, as their immune system had become inoperable.

    The surplus of death gave the father ample subjects to… test his experiments on… Hundreds came to the father- with their children and their elders- praying that the man before them could save their loved ones…

    Saving them from death was never the father’s intention… His intention was the “curing” of death itself… which required… “diseased victims.”

    Kept hidden deep within the laboratory, the father had relocated his newly accepted patients to await their imminent deaths… The father viewed these individuals similar to how many scientists view lab mice… cheap, abundant, and expendable. It was not uncommon for these individuals to dehydrate before they succumbed to their preexisting ailments.

    Through the darkest of nights and the hottest of days, the father continued his work. Experimenting with electricity and chemical mimosas, eventually, the father had come to what he viewed as a breakthrough. Through the usage of a genetically modified strand of fungus, the father had successfully reanimated one of his deceased victims.

    The father was truly unaware of what it was that he had created, labeling it as “the gift of immortality.”

    It- this... abomination- quickly succumbed to decomposition. The father, viewing this thing through the eyes of a father looking proudly at his child, decided to continue to modify the components responsible for his creation.

    As the days went on, the father began replicating his experiment. He began to experiment with different genetics within these fungi.

    From these modifications, some of the bodies had lost all of their flesh, becoming nothing more than an animated skeleton. Though lacking eyes, they were capable of marksmanship far superior to what the kingdom’s trained militias were ever capable of performing.

    Others appeared to have their flesh rot, leaving them with green skin and the craving for meat. This strand of fungus allowed for these creatures to regenerate bodily injuries far quicker than was ever considered possible.

    Losing what was left with his sanity, the father began gene-splicing these fungi with DNA attained from local butcher shops, grabbing as much pork as possible, and even accepting meat that was weeks old. Through this, the father had created a creature that resembled both a pig and a man… a pigman… Yet, for some odd reason that the father could never figure out, this creature possessed the ability to leap far higher than any creature that had come before it.

    And, as if out of some… quirk, an extremely small number of the father’s creatures had developed into fleshless beings, similar to the skeletons listed prior. Yet, these things appeared as if their bones had been scorched by fire and heat. They had the ability to craft and even deploy various atrocities never before seen. Cubic slimes made of hydrofluoric acid that made them capable of melting the flesh off of any who happen to be close to them, arachnids whose measured dimensions were listed as one half of a cubic meter, and undead minions that resembled creatures that the father had crafted prior… but seemed to lack any form of free will… This creature’s abilities were unmatched to anything that came before it.

    Twistedly, these creatures had viewed the father as, well, a father… their father…

    Despite his precautions, one fateful night, the king had finally caught wind of what this lunatic was doing deep within the castle walls. As any good king would, he acted out of the protection of his people. He personally oversaw the father’s arrest.

    The father’s creatures lunged at the king and his guards in an effort to protect what they viewed as their… father…

    The king, barely managing to dodge their attacks, quickly ordered these creatures to be detained. His guards chopped down the supports holding the room’s entrance open, trapping these creatures within.

    The king, unsure as to what these things were, decided it best to interrogate the father for answers. Yet, the father’s sense of sanity had long since... faded away.

    Any attempt to get answers from the old man resulted in nothing but cynical laughter, screeches, and moans.

    “My children!” The father said, laughing deliriously. “Hahahahahaaa! They are my children!”

    The king was puzzled. “Your… children?”

    “MY children!! Ahahhahahaaaaa! They are MINE! And you will have to KILL ME before I EVER betray them to YOU!”

    The king, confused and disturbed, ordered his guards to take the father down to the dungeon while he thinks of what can be done.

    The man he had hired to save the kingdom had crafted beasts that threatened the very safety of all those within these very walls. Yet, without any knowledge of what they actually were- how they worked, what they wanted, how they acted- the king had no other options.

    King Chiss ordered the immediate execution of the father and the beasts that were currently trapped within the walls of the castle, under the orders of keeping it quiet as to not alarm those who still lived within these walls, and to ensure that the beasts remained detained at all times.

    Upon entering the cell in which the father laid in, the father lunged at the guards. The two knights that had been caught off guard put up a good fight. But they were no match for the relentlessness of the maniac before them. No matter the number of stabs and slices inflicted on the father, he just… would not stop.

    The father single-handedly tore off the heads of the two guards sent to deal with him.

    Immediately, he went to free his “children.” Running into the knights sent to end those abominations, the father lunged at the closest man.

    Whether it be strategy or pure luck, the closest knight happened to be holding an explosive. The intent was to scientifically bring the roof down onto the creatures without letting them out, in order to both keep them detained and to crush them beneath the heavy rock.

    Ripping off the knight’s right arm, the father grabbed the explosive. Lunging towards the enclosed entrance, the father slammed the explosive into the wall, detonating it.

    This act had completely reopened the entrance these creatures were stuck within. Shocked and horrified by the corpse that lay before them- a corpse that clearly resembled their “father”- the beasts retaliated. They lunged themselves towards the other castle knights, grabbing the explosives and killing them all.

    In response to the explosion outside, the remainder of the castle’s defenders rushed towards their position. Knowing full well they were outnumbered, the creatures retreated into the forest just outside of the castle walls.

    As a part of their biology, these creatures inevitably burned to death as soon as they were hit by the sunlight. Nevertheless, the fungi that controlled all of them were able to survive the sun. The fungi planted themselves into the soil where the undead beasts had been burned alive. Consuming the flesh of their previous hosts for sustenance, the fungi were able to locate the places in which generations upon generations of the kingdom’s dead had been buried.

    Awaiting nightfall, these fungi continued to consume the flesh of their previous hosts’ burnt carcasses while also working their way down, deep into the graves of the dead, connecting themselves to the inner skulls of the dead. Replicating a brain, these fungi were able to use these corpses as a means of mobilization. For these creatures, themselves, had only been the transportation needed for the fungi the father had engineered. The father had created breeds of fungi that had become self-aware and had attained the ability of memory. And, in the most obfuscated sense of humanity, the desire... for vengeance…

    Upon being engulfed in the darkness of night, these creatures arise from their graves and attack the castle in an attempt to exact vengeance onto the man responsible for the death of their maker… the king himself… King Chiss…

    They will not stop. Every failure results in their regrouping. The only thing that these creatures desire is the blood of the king himself. No matter where he goes, these creatures always find him. Castle after castle, they will always find King Chiss… and they will end him… forever…


    Let me know what you think of this little backstory behind Castle Siege! And thank you all, again, for your continued support!


    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jun 3, 2020,
    Last edited Jun 3, 2020

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