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Processed Bringing Back The Youtube

Discussion in 'General Idea Discussion' started by Liqhts, May 10, 2020.


Should Mineplex Bring Back The Youtube Channel?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. What makes you think it'll give them a new slate lol? Starting a youtube channel doesn't give a community a fresh slate on their reputation, pretty much everyone in the Minecraft java community knows about Mineplex for one reason and another, and the majority of the reasons are bad.
    Posted May 15, 2020
  2. I do agree with this really it could help. Personally, I'm not that big of a YouTuber though I make Mineplex videos and I put effort in them because it's just fun and all. If more YouTubers gathered especially big ones we could get old players or new players.
    Posted May 15, 2020
  3. Yes i would love to have the mineplex youtube back and i personally would really like to see some bedrock youtuber's content featured on the mineplex youtube channel
    Posted May 15, 2020
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  4. Heyo!

    The mineplex youtube channel coming back could bring some exposure to the server again and bring on some new players. It'd be nice to just see Mineplex start uploading more of their YouTuber's content.
    Posted May 15, 2020
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  5. Hey! :sigils_down:

    I'm all for this idea! I remember watching the Mineplex Games video a couple years back, and I'd watch some of my favorite youtubers at the time play on my favorite server. I think that the fact that the idea of "Mineplex Games" has been done before makes it seem within grasp, however I'm sure it would take a bit of work to assemble the "variety" of youtubers mentioned. I personally like the idea of having a variety of creators, ranging from those who are more competitive with pvp games, and those who just want to have fun and talk about something while playing speed builders. All in all it sounds like a wonderful idea to reinstate, and I agree with what you said in that it could help draw more attention to Mineplex! The only criticism I have for this is that ranging out of "family friendly" needs to be taken with a grain of salt. I think that there should still be some boundaries set to where there aren't situations where the creator is encouraging or getting away with being toxic or inappropriate on the Mineplex Games channel. Although I agree that there are people of all ages playing Mineplex and ideally, eventually watching Mineplex Games, I just feel the need to emphasize that it should stay within the "PG" category, at least on the Mineplex official youtube channel.

    Thanks for posting this idea! With everything taken into consideration, I'd love to see it get re-implemented.
    Posted May 15, 2020
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  6. They would be essentially putting themselves out there again? While the reputation may be ruined, it can be fixed, minds can change.
    Posted May 15, 2020
  7. Minds won't change based on content, minds will based on the leadership putting themselves forward and actually doing what their community has been asking them to do for the last few years. It may put them out there again, but it won't fix their reputation.
    Posted May 15, 2020

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