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Bug in Speed Builders (Bedrock Edition)

Discussion in 'Forum Discussion' started by AZERTYMaths, May 8, 2021.

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  1. Did anyone get the tile.block.netherbrick on the nether fortrees build in Mineplex Speed Builders? (8/5/21) It also slowed down my building of the Nether Bricks. The icon looks glitchy. I'm using 1.16.221. Image: -unapproved link-
    Posted May 8, 2021,
    Last edited May 8, 2021
  2. Hello!

    Unfortunately I cannot view the image, as our link filtration system hid it, but if you go to mineplex.com/bugs and submit a bug report there, this can get further looked into by our Quality Assurance and Quality Assurance Testing teams.

    I will attempt to reproduce this myself later, but if you submit a bug report with that image, that would be great!

    Thank you so much for your time and effort to make our network better.
    Posted May 8, 2021
  3. Whalker is exactly correct. It looks like you came across a bug. Whenever you come across something like this, it's always best to submit a bug report instead of posting a public thread about it - this way, the issue will get dealt with much more quickly.

    You can submit a bug report here.

    I will be locking this thread as your concern has been addressed; please let me know if you have any other questions!

    Thread Locked
    Posted May 8, 2021
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