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Cake Wars Default Kit

Discussion in 'Bedrock Ideas' started by _wxrd_, Jun 26, 2022.

  1. Hello again guys!

    I'm not sure if this idea has been posted before or not, I did not see one when I looked.

    I play Cake Wars a lot! Like, a lot! Usually solos, but occasionally I will try to solo duo/trio/squad. I have unlocked the Builder and Archer kits, however they do not default! I usually use the builder kit. I have to activate it at the start of each match. Although it says it has been set as my default selection, it never is! This very well could be a glitch, or an unfinished feature. But either way, it would be nice to have one set as a default selection.

    Also, maybe make some more creative kits such as an Emerald Kit that gives you 1x emerald every 30 seconds. Or a Knight Kit with a stone sword and half chainmail armor.

    Please reply with any criticism, comments, or concerns. Thanks!

    Posted Jun 26, 2022
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  2. It seems that I can always set my default kit to whatever and it will stay that kit for however long I'd like, So maybe that is a glitch on your part?
    Posted Jun 26, 2022
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  3. Heyaa

    So since I know you play Bedrock mainly, I'm going to assume that's what you're talking about. Currently the "default kit" function is bugged, so every time you switch to a new lobby or join a new game you will always have to reselect your kit (assuming you don't want to play the Warrior kit.)

    I'm pretty sure that this bug is a known issue, but the ETA for a fix is undetermined. If you'd like you may submit a bug report, just make sure you read this reporting guide first o/

    As for your kit ideas, I always love seeing new ideas brought to light! I'd encourage you to elaborate more on your kit ideas; how many gems would each one cost? What are the pros and cons of using these kits as opposed to the ones we already have?

    Personally I feel as though the emerald kit is unnecessary. Even if you don't have any emerald points, you can still buy emeralds for 20 bricks. While it is tedious to gather emeralds this way, it also discourages players from camping at their base ALL game long and to go out and get some points too. Plus, most kits have an advantage in the gameplay itself. I don't really see how getting emeralds automatically is helpful when you can just buy them or get them for free with the points.

    As for the Knight kit, I think this is a cool idea. It reminds me of the the tank kit in Micro Battles. However, the Cake Wars update was the last GAMEPLAY update that bedrock has had in ages, and I would like to see Dev time put to a different gamemode. I would love to see SkyWars or Classics updated, or fix bugs throughout the server instead of focusing too much on one gamemode.

    That being said, keep the ideas flowing! I always like to see them \o/
    Posted Jun 26, 2022
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  4. so we already have that, but its bugged?

    Look: I ain't a mineplex dev, but I am a programmer, and lets just say that something so small and simple can be done/fixed very quickly and very easily. And if the feature really exists somewhere, then that's already a very good foundation to work off of.

    Obviously bug fixing isn't easy, but that kind of functionality is not a very big issue, it doesn't take like 50 days of rewriting the code.

    And while we are at the topic of coding: what are those devs doing? Or at least the bedrock dev? coz there is no way he wouldn't have fixed a problem like this a long time ago, unless he is either the laziest OR most overworked person I ever heard of, the only reason not to fix something like that is if you really, really have way too much work elsewhere, or if you are only pretending like you are actually doing something.
    Posted Jun 27, 2022
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  5. Well, I feel that the emerald kit could help your emerald income. Sometimes people are really good at the game and can hog 2 or 3 of the emerald generators, so having one and the kit can help you drastically. Even one emerald every 30 seconds is good, because that's 10 emeralds in 5 minutes. One emerald granted quickly can be the difference between a full obsidian protection and one side of your cake being exposed during an attack. Maybe it could cost fairly low, maybe 1000 gems. I can't remember how many gems the other two kits are, but that seems like a decently reasonable price tag for this kit. The cons, however, are that people could abuse it. In squads if everyone has the same kit that is 8 emeralds per minute, 40 per 5 minutes. It could be easily abused.

    As for the Knight kit, I'm going to alter that idea a bit. Maybe make it a bit pricey (maybe 4000, or 5000 gems), however the perks are better. Your armor (starting at half chainmail) can progressively upgrade throughout the match. Maybe at the 3.5 minute mark, you get an iron chestplate as well. And keep in mind, you retain this armor throughout the entire match, assuming you don't upgrade it and/or get a Rune of Holding to preserve your inventory. Having good benefits for a high price (not too high) would give players more reason to play. They have a goal to achieve.

    The most important idea I have is to NEVER sell gems on the Mineplex store. That would give the server a beginning pay-to-win reputation, and there would be a massive flow of people trying to crash the server to get revenge.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jun 27, 2022
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  6. Correct, the function used to exist. In the past, you used to be able to select your kit, and then that would always be your personal default kit, but sometime in the past few years that feature bugged out and doesnt work anymore.

    Mineplex only has three Devs. Alex, the Dev Lead. Timmi, the Java Dev, and Gyroninja, the Bedrock dev. Meaning that Bedrock only has one Dev: Gyro.

    To the best of my understanding the way that Dev work on Mineplex goes is that higher-ups tell the Devs what they need to work on, and then they work on it. I've talked to gyro a few times in the past and he's said: "I keep getting update almost ready and then priorities shift and I have to work on something else before I can wrap things up." Meaning that he IS working on a ton of stuff at once, but doesn't have enough time to work on one thing or complete it.
    He's immensely overworked and quite frankly I feel really bad for all the backlash that he gets that he doesn't deserve. He doesn't get to choose what he gets to work on, and he gets most of the hate when disliked updates go out; but he's just doing what he's told :shrug:
    Posted Jun 27, 2022
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  7. If you refrain from leaving games, you should keep your kit
    Posted Jul 11, 2022

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