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Cakewars mega VIP+ only

Discussion in 'Cake Wars' started by LockNess8221, Oct 6, 2022.

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  1. Heyo! This morning I logged on to mineplex as usual wanting to play the new/old game mode Cakewars mega! However when I went to my friendly baker I saw that the player count was 0! I had no idea why till I looked up, a banner above this evil chef said, "VIP players only." When I saw that banner I just laughed. Really mineplex, what kind of -snip- allow this idiotic behavior to continue, but if your goal is to sink bedrock like you did java you're on the right track. Now with all my heart I’m hoping this is a rouge dev, or a glitch because -snip- Please fix this, its super annoying and the dumbest thing I have ever heard of.


    -The Critic
    Posted Oct 6, 2022
  2. The owners of this server never cease to amaze me...
    Posted Oct 6, 2022
  3. First they release a scam rank, and then make one of the games pay to play. It's a scam within a scam, absolutely flabbergasting. I never would have guessed the owners would be that greedy that they would resort to something like this. The server has lost 90% of its player count and they decided to kill off one of their games which has only just returned, such a smart move. The greed of the owners will be the death of the server without a doubt. Since the very start of this new "update" the game has had 0-5 players, so that really says a lot, and you need 16 for a game to start lol. I genuinely thought they couldn't kill Mineplex anymore than they already have, but I was so so wrong, which worries me. In the end who knows what this could mean for Mineplex? Will the rest of the games become pay to play? It sure is a possibility. For people who care so much about money they really don't seem to grasp the whole point of being entrepreneurs (if you can even call them that). The whole point of it is a willingness to take a risk and invest money into the business to gain more in return, and they do none of that. They're pretty much not even businessmen, I could run the server better than they can. Lots of wasted potential, wasted potential that is wasted by people who can't run a business
    Posted Oct 6, 2022
  4. I can not agree with you more! And I especially like your quote, "Scam within a scam." I fully agree a pay to play game is insanity. It is probably the biggest waist of potential and show absolute greed in all of Minecraft's history.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Oct 6, 2022
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  5. ~ Thread moved from Help to Bedrock Cake wars Section (thread better suited here) ~

    I actually just found out about this like 10 minutes ago and I agree it's a major step back for the server. This game mode has actually had a player base and then they decide to smack the player base down to other those who purchased a subscription rank when the majority of Bedrock's player base is younger people who can't even buy a subscription rank. I personally think this is a horrible decision that hopefully will be reversed and allow everyone to play it once again. I know a lot of the community sometimes feel that staff members always agree with decisions made and feel like staff never speak out (Which isn't true), however I hope my stance helps those players who think staff members mindlessly agree with everything. This is a horrible decision for the server and hopefully it gets reversed in due time :/
    Posted Oct 6, 2022
  6. even a sr mod is unhappy about it dang
    Posted Oct 6, 2022
  7. Heya heya

    First of all, before my PMs are blown up with people getting mad at me for locking this thread- I agree that making Cakewars Mega VIP+ only was not a good decision in my opinion. However, this thread doesn't follow the forum guidelines.

    Regarding the most recently update, it was a decision made by Leadership and the Owners. The Moderation team, the Admins and everyone else had no say (maybe QA but I don't know for sure.) So please don't go around insulting the Admins, the Devs or our Mods and Trainees because they may be just as frustrated with this change as you. We also don't know if its a permanent change or if CWM is still a LTM.

    Unfortunately, this thread doesn't follow the guidelines of constructive critic, so I have to lock this thread. Please PM me if you have any questions or respectful comments. Any harassment will be ignored.

    Locked \\ Thread does not promote positive discussion
    Posted Oct 7, 2022
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