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Can't Get All Achievements...

Discussion in 'Champions' started by Betrayer, Jul 6, 2019.

  1. Hi.

    I am making this on behalf of a friend. Right now, there are almost 4000 players on Mineplex. However, there are no CTF games?

    How is my friend expected to get illusion with assassin if he can't capture a flag 20 times? I check if there are CTF games and there are never any! Also, on the compass it doesn't even suggest playing CTF, it just shows Domination.

    Can someone please suggest what he does now? Because this friend needs illusion for clans...

    Let me know if you have any solutions.
    Posted Jul 6, 2019
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  2. There's really nothing you can do except hope players start to take an interest in CTF.
    Posted Jul 6, 2019
  3. Try to get a big party together to get a game of CTF started, you can ask around in lobbies for people who want to join CTF.

    Its sad that mineplex doesn't realize Champs is dying, if they don't update soon and balance and fix this gamemode, no one will want to play it anymore.
    Posted Jul 6, 2019
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  4. l5v

    yeah your going to have to try and get people to play with you or just try and use another class or get used to evade.
    Posted Jul 8, 2019
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  5. Herro!

    I've had this issue too, and I've seen a lot of threads recently about it too. Best advice I can give you is what others have said above me, which is get a big party of players to play with you. Make sure to avoid allowing your friends on the opposite team to help you get the achievement, as that is against the stat boosting rule found here. I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors going for those achievements!
    Posted Jul 8, 2019
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  6. is it possible for mineplex to connect achevments?
    my main account was banned and it had all the achevments on it.
    is it possible to connect those achevments onto this account?
    username for main account: snowflqke_
    Posted Jul 9, 2019
  7. Hello!
    I'm sorry to hear that this is happening to your friend. As others have suggested, your friend can gather a large party of players to get a match started. Other than that, there is an off chance that some event may be hosted where they play CTF outside of an MPS, but as far as I know, none as scheduled at this time. I wish your friend the best of luck with their achievement hunting!
    As for your question, sadly Mineplex does not transfer ranks or stats to new accounts. If you wish to appeal your punishment, you can do so here. Hope I helped!
    Posted Jul 9, 2019
  8. ban evasion?
    Posted Aug 1, 2019
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  9. While the CTF achievements are hard, most players playing the game are looking to get the CTF achievements, so its easier to organize achievement farming (not sure if thats technically legal but). I'm also not sure if this is allowed but my brother managed to get ten alt accounts into one CTF lobby and managed to farm some achievements that way. A good way to get them is a combination of friends, alts, and luck.
    Posted Aug 2, 2019
  10. It's kind of saddening that Champions is dying. When I started MP it was pretty popular.
    Posted Aug 9, 2019
  11. Yeah, there seems to be no CTF games running at all. Maybe the achievements for CTF should be easier?
    Posted Aug 9, 2019
  12. Farmer Orange I'd recommend looking around in DOM lobbys or in clans games for people needing the achievements. Another good place to find people are in large communities like T or equality.
    Posted Aug 10, 2019

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