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Not Planned Castle Siege

Discussion in 'New Game Discussion' started by VegetasDaughter, Dec 16, 2018.

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  1. Make Castle Siege in 2018 a reality. Mend our hearts.
    Posted Dec 16, 2018
  2. Hey!

    I miss castle siege too. However, you can still play Castle Siege in mps' or hopefully Castle Siege will be in Classic Cow. Those are the only two options sadly.

    Thanks for the post!
    Posted Dec 16, 2018
  3. Hello!
    I can definitely see where you're coming from, I know that quite a few people miss having Castle Siege as a main lobby game and really enjoyed playing it. Although I didn't play it too much, I certainly enjoyed it - especially when playing with friends.

    If we added it back now I really don't think it would be popular enough to keep. I remember when it was still around and used to play it you would have to wait for quite a while to get a game to actually start which really wasn't ideal.

    However, it's not completely gone and you can still play it! Maybe on day it will be available to play on the Classics Cow if it gets the chance. You can also play it in an MPS by either creating one yourself (Legend rank or above) by doing /mps. You can also just join someone else's and request for them to play it for you. We do also sometimes play it in Events which is nice as a lot of players are in the game, which creates the same feeling as when it was popular.

    I don't really think that it'll be coming back anytime soon due to the amount of players you needed to start a game combined with the fact that it really isn't as popular as it once was before it was removed.
    Posted Dec 16, 2018
  4. Yo!

    I would first like to say that we hear you out. Especially as a professional Castle Sieger, a former member of CS GI, and one of the people who contributed towards the CS update, I understand how frustrating it can be to have your favorite game removed, but please understand that Mineplex didn't make this decision with negative intentions; we did it for you guys. You're probably saying, "How could they do this for us? Didn't they know that we loved those games? This isn't what we wanted!"
    And you're right. You guys didn't ask for this and probably didn't see it coming, but it had to be done for everyone's sake, not just one community. I know how easy it can be to forget about the other communities on Mineplex, but understand that the CS community isn't the only one experiencing this. Other communities that have had their games moved to a MPS would be devastated if only CS was the one to have their own lobby return; it simply isn't fair to our other players. Many other games were removed for similar reasons: lack of players, generally unpopular, niche communities, compatibility, etc.. However, with less empty servers, we're able to put our resources towards big and exciting projects and have our developers focus on updates for specific games or general improvements, which is something we haven't done in the past. We are creating these updates based on the needs of the community and what you all want to see. After all, we work here for you - the community - and will work our very hardest to ensure that you are enjoying your time here.

    I hope you were able to gain a greater insight of why we did this and how it will impact you guys. Listening to you guys is more than ever and we want to do our best to ensure that you all are enjoying Mineplex to it's greatest and highest quality. I sincerely hope that you and many other players will be able to support Mineplex as we do our best to improve your experience here.

    Even though we don't plan on bringing CS or other individual game lobbies back, there are still other ways to play removed games. You can create a MPS with the /mps command (Legend+), join or create a CS community with /com join or /com create (only Eternals can create communities), or vote on our Discord server whenever your game is featured is in the poll.
    You can join our Discord server at discord.mineplex.com and check out #polls for Classic Cow Updates. If you have anymore questions, concerns, or any feedback don't hesitate to send me a PM!

    If you want to join a CS community feel free to join mine:
    /com join CS

    ~Thread locked, not enough resources to extend to removed games~
    Posted Dec 16, 2018
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